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State Landlord & Tenant Information

Your state's landlord and tenant laws or statutes cover residential and commercial leases, breaking or terminating leases, evictions, and property damages, just to name a few things. Follow the links ... Read more

Landlords' Remedies in Disputes with Tenants

It's not uncommon for residential landlord and tenants to have disagreements, even conflicts, about things like the timely payment of rent, or wanting to end the lease early. But, as a landlord, you h... Read more

Tenants' Remedies in Disputes with Landlords

It's not uncommon for landlord and tenants to have disputes periodically about things like an unsafe condition on the premises, like rotten wood in the stairwell, or some other needed repair, like a f... Read more

Landlords and Tenants in Bankruptcy

A personal bankruptcy can be traumatic for anyone. Typically, a bankruptcy debtor's credit is damaged severely, making it nearly impossible to buy a car or a home. And, in today's economy, bankruptcie... Read more

What to Expect from Your Landlord

When you're renting a home, you might not be thinking about your privacy rights and landlord access to your rental. Maybe the issue doesn't come up until you're seeing too much of your landlord, leasi... Read more

Can My Landlord Raise My Rent

Whether or not your landlord can raise your rent depends on a number of variables, including the terms of your agreement and where you live. But here are some general guidelines. A Long-Term Le... Read more

Can My Landlord Shut Off My Utilities

In most situations, your landlord is not allowed to cut off your utilities. A landlord who wants you to leave can evict you under the terms of the lease or rental agreement, but cannot cut off your ut... Read more

Disarm the Landlord and Avoid the Eviction Case

Having problems with your landlord? Renting can seem easier than owning a house. No lawn to mow and you don't have to necessarily take perfect care of the property. However, there are times when renti... Read more

Forming a Tenants' Association

Sometimes, when a landlord does not fulfill the terms of a lease, tenants need to associate in order to get a response. Understand Your Rights as a Tenant Most states provide the same ba... Read more

NY Attorney General Says Better Treatment for Tenants

In New York, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo finally brought down one of the city's most controversial landlords, Vantage Properties. Who Is Vantage Properties? Vantage Properties was fou... Read more

Finding Legal Help as a Tenant

It's sometimes hard to find a lawyer to represent a single tenant in a landlord/tenant dispute, often because it's not cost-effective to hire an attorney. You may be able to get the legal help you n... Read more

Subleasing and Assignment of Leases

Lease assignments and subleases are not uncommon. Often, a tenant needs to get out of a lease early, maybe because of a job relocation, or a landlord needs to pay a debt and gives his or her right to ... Read more

Lessee's Rights on Foreclosure and on Sale

Like other types of property, real estate that is used as rental property can be sold, or may be affected by foreclosure proceedings. Sales and foreclosures are major events for the owner of rental pr... Read more

Commercial Leases

Whether you're talking about a residential lease, that is, a lease for a place to live, or a commercial lease, a place to work, the basic idea is the same: a property owner, or the "landlord" or "less... Read more

Rent and Rent Control

In just about any lease, some of the most important parts are the rent provisions. The payment of rent is critical to both the landlord and tenant: it's what the tenant has to pay for the right and pr... Read more

Moving Out of A Rental

Is it time to move out of your rental? Maybe you're graduating college and moving elsewhere, maybe you need more space, or maybe it's time to buy a home. Regardless of why you're moving, you have a lo... Read more

Ending a Residential Lease

Most people have rented a house or an apartment at some point in their lives. While it is fairly straightforward to get into a rental lease, it can be much more stressful to get out of a rental lease ... Read more

Renting and Housing Discrimination Laws

There are many valid reasons for a landlord to reject a potential tenant, such as poor credit, unstable job history or negative references from past landlords. However, several federal, state and loca... Read more

Lease Notices and Disclosures

In most states, the landlord-tenant laws specify that a lease, and particularly a lease for residential property, like an apartment, has to contain a certain number of things, such as a description of... Read more

The Right to Be Safe From Crime

Generally, the law requires a person to protect another person from crime if a "special relationship" exists between them. In some states, a residential lease creates a special relationship between a ... Read more

Abandoned Personal Property

All states have laws that govern the rights of landlords and tenants, but they aren't all the same. A landlord who finds abandoned property in a rental unit must follow the rules of the state to figur... Read more

Can I Fix Up My Rental?

Tenants often think about making improvements to the property they are renting, especially if they like the location and the landlord, and plan to stay for a long time. This article deals with tenant ... Read more

Must I Rent to a Sex Offender?

Our society is terrified of sex offenders, and has enacted many laws including requiring registration and restricting where they can be and live. In fact, there are many more laws restricting sex offe... Read more

Advance Rental Income, Security Deposits and Taxes

As a landlord, you're concerned about losing money on your rental property. After all, it's how you make money, right? Advance rent payments and security deposits help you here. They help make sure yo... Read more

Renter's Insurance

Tenants, or "renters," are open to the same risks and losses as property owners when property is damaged or destroyed by things like fire, or when it's lost because of theft. Property insurance can he... Read more

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