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The United States Constitution

Preamble ARTICLE I Section 1. Legislative Powers; in whom vested Section 2. House of Representatives Section 3. Senators, how and by whom chosen. Section 4. Times, etc., of h... Read more

Is Your Divorce Valid in All States?

When you leave for vacation to another state, you don't worry about whether your driver's license is valid in the state you're heading to, right? You know your valid license gives you driving privileg... Read more

Out-of-State Traffic Violations

Drivers may travel through many different states for various reasons. Some may be on vacation with their families. Others may have to travel for business reasons. The more drivers travel through the s... Read more

Interest Exclusion on State and Local Bonds

Tax-exempt bonds are valid debts owed by state and local governments. The interest on these bonds is tax-exempt. This means you don't pay federal income tax on the interest. State and local bonds are... Read more

Divorce in a Different State or Country

Filing for divorce in one state while your spouse lives in another state can complicate your divorce. Filing for divorce in another country and seeking to have the court decree recognized in the Unite... Read more

The State May Have Your Unclaimed Property

At some point in time, practically everyone has had a bank account, owned stock or worked for a paycheck. And we're all busy, and so we forget that we put money away in a bank somewhere, or we change ... Read more

Article One of the United States Constitution

Article I - Legislative power Section 1. Legislative Powers; in whom vested Section 2. House of Representatives Section 3. Senators, how and by whom chosen. Section 4. Times, etc., ... Read more

Article Four of the United States Constitution

Article IV - States' powers Section 1. Each State to give credit to the public acts, etc. of every other State. Section 2. Privileges of citizens of each State. Fugitives from Justice to be... Read more

Most Charities Must Register With Their States

When you're thinking about giving to a charity, or even when you're actually writing the check or clicking the "donate" button on a web site, it may not occur to you that charities have legal responsi... Read more

State Environmental Laws

Most people think of federal law when it comes to environmental protection. The federal government has passed many important environmental laws over the years. Some of the major federal laws include: ... Read more

Habeas Corpus: State Procedural Requirements

Sometimes a federal court might not consider your petition for a writ of habeas corpus, even if it raises questions of federal law. A federal court generally won't address a claim that a state... Read more

Federal and State Laws and Your Wages

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a federal law that requires employers to pay its employees minimum wage and overtime. Some employees are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime requirements, ... Read more

Your State Attorney General

Every state has an attorney general as part of the state government. The attorney general is usually an elected official and is often limited by a state's constitution to serving two four-year terms. ... Read more

Can the State Decide Where a Child Goes to School?

If you want your child to attend a private or "non-public" school, such as a Catholic grade or high school, you're free to choose practically any school you want. Your only limitations may be affordin... Read more

State Inspections and Licensing of Nursing Homes

Your mother is a resident in a nursing facility and you want the comfort of knowing that the facility is adequately providing for her care and needs. All nursing facilities must meet certain criteria ... Read more

States File Lawsuits Over the New Health Care Law

Update Virginia launched its own legal attack on the new federal health care reform law. The Virginia Solicitor General argued in a Richmond federal court that Congress exceeded its Constitutio... Read more

Same-Sex Couples Have More Options In More States

Update It went down to the wire but New York passed a gay marriage law. This makes New York the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. It remains to be seen if this is the tipping point for... Read more

Military Wife Sues State for Wrongful Prison Term

On TV, in book and movies - and sometimes real life, the first person the police suspect in a man or woman's suspicious death is the spouse. Some statistics support this claim, but the evidence should... Read more

Defenses in an Absolute Speed Limit State

If you have gotten a speeding ticket in an absolute speed limit state, you have violated the law if you drove even one mile over the posted speed limit. The procedures for contesting the ticket are th... Read more

Appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States

The Supreme Court of the United States has authority to review by writ of certiorari federal court decisions. The Supreme Court also has authority to review by writ of certiorari the decisions of the ... Read more

School Discipline and Zero-Tolerance Policies Vary by State

Individual school districts usually determine their own procedures for grade school and high school discipline and appeals. Within any given state, rules and codes can vary from one area to the next. ... Read more

Community Property and Equitable Distribution States

Is your motto, "What's mine is mine," or is it, "One for all and all for one?" It's an important question for anyone who's thinking about getting married, and especially for anyone thinking about gett... Read more

In Some States, Same-Sex Spouses Entitled to benefits

Currently, same-sex marriage is legal in 13 states and the District of Columbia. In these states, same-sex couples enjoy the same state employee benefits as heterosexual couples. Until recently, howev... Read more

Immigration Reform: What Can the States Do?

There are millions of illegal or "unauthorized" immigrants in the US Arizona isn't the only state trying to deal with illegal immigration The July 2010 court ruling on Arizona's law may not be good ... Read more

Article Three of the United States Constitution

Article III - Judicial power Section 1. Judicial powers. Tenure. Compensation. Section 2. Judicial power; to what cases it extends. Original jurisdiction of Supreme Court Appellate. Trial by... Read more

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