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Scam Alert: RE/MAX Sweepstakes

The envelope proclaims it, as does the official-looking letter inside: You've already won! And the prize is from a well-known source! Or is it? Hiding behind the cyberspace curtain, scammers have adap... Read more

Scam Alert: The Phishing Game

Read incoming e-mail with a skeptical eye Just because an e-mail address looks familiar, doesn't mean it's legitimate Take immediate action if you've given personal information to a suspicious... Read more

Scam Alert: Property Reassessment

Scammers' abilities to invent new tricks seem boundless. Recent scams target people desperate for financial aid or relief. These scams succeed because vulnerable people seek an easy way out, or don't ... Read more

How To Protect Your Family From Senior Scams

Each year, millions of seniors are conned out of their savings, whether it's through the internet, mail, phone or someone they know personally. Alan Kopit, legal editor of, shares some tip... Read more

Scam Alert: 2010 US Census

The first phase of the 2010 US Census is beginning. Workers have already begun verifying the addresses of households across the country. Eventually, more than 140,000 census workers will count everyon... Read more

Scam Alert: "Robocalls" to Extend Your Warranty

A federal judge put a halt to operations by a telemarketer that pitched deceptive extended auto warranties to consumers nationwide through prerecorded phone messages, or robocalls. A Federal Trade Com... Read more

Scam Alert: Be Careful When Selling Your Old Gold

When the times are tough, like they are today, a lot us try think of some ways to raise a little extra cash. Garage and yard sales are the tried-and-true, classic examples. However, one of the hottest... Read more

Scam Alert: Bank Account Scams

Who would refuse an offer of help? Who wouldn't want to know if their bank account was in jeopardy? Some Wisconsin residents recently learned that an offer of help may be a threat of harm in disguise.... Read more

Scam Alert: Charitable Donations

You've seen them before. The glass jar at the checkout counter. The sign atop a stack of stuffed animals and dolls. The poster announcing a benefit for an accident victim. "PLEASE GIVE! PART OF ALL PR... Read more

Scam Alert: "IRS E-mail" May Infect Your Computer

Most of us fear something, and even those who claim to fear nothing dread the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). After all, an honest mistake in your taxes may lead to stiff fines and penalties, and jail... Read more

Scam Alert: Jury Duty Identity Theft

An old scam has reappeared and has been catching many people off guard by stealing their identity through unsuspected means - jury duty. The Call What happens is you receive a call from... Read more

Scam Alert: Used Cars

If you're buying a used vehicle, heed the warning, "Buyer beware!" You may be buying a vehicle that was on its way to the salvage yard or a stolen car that you won't be able to register. To help prev... Read more

Scam Alert: Too Good to Work at Home, Right?

Related Item The employment picture is improving slowly. But many of us are still stuck at home, looking for work. Scam artists know this and continue to pitch sketchy, get-rich-quick, work-at-... Read more

Scam Alert: Mortgage Relief Scams Keep Coming

Beginning with the housing industry's breakdown in 2007, scams involving home refinancing and foreclosure have become rampant. The federal government arrested and charged 41 people involved in a huge ... Read more

Scam Alert: The Hit and Miss of Mystery Shopping

"FREE SAMPLES!" Who can resist? A growing number of Americans are looking for ways to supplement their income. Mystery shopping may seem to be the perfect way to enjoy free dining out, free samples an... Read more

Scam Alert: Fake Payday Loan Collectors

People struggle to keep up with day-to-day expenses in today's economy. Many turn to payday loans as a temporary fix for financial stress. Scammers are now cashing in on this situation to scare people... Read more

Scam Alert: Fraudulent Adoption Agencies

Adoption agencies may be incompetent or fraudulent If you're thinking of adopting, you should investigate a potential agency by asking questions and checking the agency's reputation with other ... Read more

Scam Alert: Credit Card Fraud on the Phone

Credit cards: Americans love them. The average person has several. Scam artists love them too. With the convenience of having a credit card comes some risks - credit card fraud. The following scam has... Read more

Scam Alert: Adoption and Fraudulent Birth Parents

Most adoption agencies and prospective birth parents are honest, caring people. But if you are a prospective adoptive parent, beware: Danger does lurk in the shadows. There are always people looking t... Read more

Scam Alert: Home Foreclosure "Rescue" Scams

There has been a significant increase in homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure due to the recent mortgage crisis. In many cases, your mortgage payments may have increased dramatically over ... Read more

Scam Alert: Mortgage Refinancing Scams

President Obama's "Making Home Affordable" bill now allows many Americans to keep their homes. This $75 billion stimulus-refinancing plan can help you and an estimated nine million other homeowners re... Read more

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New Consumer Threats To Medical Records, Computers

Criminals and scammers are always looking for a new way to get ahead In 2010, your medical records and computer may be two new areas for them hit your wallet There are things you can do to protect... Read more

The America Invents Act: Whoever Files First Wins Big

The electric motor, light bulb and sliced bread - Americans love to invent things. There's even a popular TV show where entrepreneurs and inventors compete for investment money for their ideas. ... Read more

The Internet for All Ages

Older people marvel at how easy youngsters use computers and how computer difficulties unfaze them. It's also surprising to find senior citizens who have a good command of the internet and aren't afra... Read more

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