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Ban on Sharia in US Legal Matters a Slippery Slope

Like everyone else, you probably assume that US legal matters are settled by US laws. From criminal trials to making a will, it only makes sense for US judges and lawyers turn to US law to solve a leg... Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Legal Bills Down

A law firm partner is going to bill at higher rates for time spent on your case. At the same time, though, having a partner work on your matter may actually be cheaper in the long run if it requires ... Read more

Legal Rights and Resources for the Deaf

National Deaf History Month runs from mid-March to mid-April each year, and it's a chance to learn about hearing conditions and laws related to hearing disabilities. Legal issues are found in areas ra... Read more

Understanding How Law Offices Do Business

Although every lawyer has his or her own unique way of doing things, most law offices share a surprising number of similar characteristics in terms of how they do business. Understanding some of them ... Read more

Doing Business on the Internet FAQS

What is "spamming" and is it illegal? Spamming can take on many forms and is difficult to precisely define. Generally speaking, though, it consists of mass posting or cross-posting of unsolicited e-ma... Read more

How to Hire the Right Lawyer

If you're like the average American, it's unlikely you have an ongoing business relationship with a lawyer. You may only hire an attorney a few times in your lifetime - to write a will or help with bu... Read more

Exactly Who's in that Law Office?

Have you ever passed by a law firm or legal office and wondered, "Who exactly is in there?" Or, maybe you've decided to hire an attorney to settle a legal problem. You may be surprised that, more ofte... Read more

Employees: Selecting a Good Lawyer

There are many reasons why employees may need a lawyer. Employees who find that they need legal help should: Research the legal problem. has many articles that sh... Read more

Banking & Finance - Selecting a Good Lawyer

If you have a banking or finance problem, and you don't already have a list of lawyers you might hire, a great place to start your search is on A few short clicks gets you a list of banki... Read more

Selecting a Good Business Tax Lawyer

All you have to do is look at a federal or state tax form and the instructions that go with it and you'll see instantly how complicated tax law is. When it comes to taxes, there's rarely anything simp... Read more

Business: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned business owner, the odds are, at some point in time, you're going to need a lawyer to help with legal problem. That's why it's important for any business... Read more

When Do You Need a Lawyer's Help?

Sometimes the need for a lawyer is a no-brainer: when you've been served with a lawsuit, or when you're arrested or charged with a crime. But keep in mind that people hire lawyers for advice and exper... Read more

Selecting a Good Consumer Tax Lawyer

The federal tax code is thousands of pages long, full of rules, exceptions to the rules and penalties for violating them. So, you're not alone if you have questions and problems, whether you're dealin... Read more Community Rules

Participation Welcome to the Legal Forum and Community on Lawyers.comsm! We hope that the information shared here is educational and helpful, and encourages you to learn more about the laws affecti... Read more

No Deal: Casino Dealers Lose in Tip-Splitting Case

Two casino dealers were recently dealt a hand they didn't like in their complaint against their employer's tip-pooling policy: The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the Nevada Labor Commissioner, not th... Read more

Business Real Estate: Selecting a Good Lawyer

When you have a legal problem involving business or commercial real estate, know some basics about selecting a real estate law lawyer. Articles on can give you a good start, and help provi... Read more

Selecting a Good Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

Any bankruptcy can be complicated. There are federal and state laws to deal with and stacks of forms to fill out and file with the court. You stand to lose a lot if it's not done properly. Bank... Read more

TX Alternatives to Small Claims Court

If you have a problem that you want to resolve, first consider whether it's the kind of dispute you can bring in a small claims court. Not all disputes can be heard in small claims court. Some dispute... Read more

12 Questions To Ask Your Potential Lawyer

When your car breaks down, you still need to get to school or work, so you may need a mechanic to get you back on the road. When you're not feeling well, you may need to see your doctor to get you bac... Read more

Class Action Basics

Read the newspapers, watch TV or surf the web on any given day and you'll likely come across something about a class action lawsuit. Do you know what they're supposed to do and how they work? F... Read more

Case Law: Lawmakers Don't Make All the Laws

No doubt, the old saying is true: The US is a nation of laws. There are federal laws covering everything from income taxes to discrimination in employment. Every state has laws on crime and punishment... Read more

AZ Alternatives to Small Claims Court

Suing someone in court isn't the only way to solve a legal problem. There are alternative ways to solve your legal problems outside of court. These alternatives are called alternative dispute resoluti... Read more

PA Alternatives to Small Claims Court

Suing someone in court isn't the only way to solve a legal problem. There are alternative ways to solve your legal problems outside of court. These alternatives are called alternative dispute resoluti... Read more

Real Estate: Preparing to Meet with a Lawyer

Preparing for your first meeting with your real estate lawyer can get your case and relationship off to a good start. Fees are often charged on an hourly basis, so wasting any time means wasting money... Read more

Refunds and Billing Disputes When Changing Attorneys

Before changing attorneys, you could carefully evaluate the pros and cons of making the switch. One thing that most people will consider is money: Will a new attorney cost you more (or less) money in ... Read more

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