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New ''Legal Articles'' Feature on

May 14, 2003 Media Contacts:Daryn Teaguefor Teague Communications(661) Martindale-Hubbell Introduces New "Legal Articles" Feature on Innovative Offering Creat... Read more

Legal Articles Now Available on

LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® Legal Articles Now Available on Full-text thought leadership articles from nation's leading law firms added to LexisNexis online research service New Provid... Read more

Access to the Courts-Legal Services for Indigents

The United States Congress passed the Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974 and set up the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), a private, non-profit corporation. Congress created LSC to provide low-inc... Read more

Legal Aid: Its Service and Its Struggle

Update A number of criminal defendants standing trial throughout New York filed a class action lawsuit claiming the state's legal aid or public defenders system is ineffective. More specificall... Read more

Holiday Party Legal Issues

Mistletoe or Legal Woes: Holiday Parties May Pose Legal Pitfalls for Many Americans, New National Survey Finds New York, NY - Press Release - December 3, 2004 - December may bring... Read more

Getting Legal Help When You Can't Afford a Lawyer

If you can't afford a lawyer to represent you in court or during negotiations, don't give up. You're hardly alone. In many parts of the country at least one side in divorce cases doesn't have a lawy... Read more is Most Visited Legal Site for People Seeking an Attorney

Legal information site experiences record traffic in Q1 2009 New York, NY - June 15, 2009 - Individuals and small business owners seeking to hire legal counsel use resources from Lawyers.comSM ... Read more

Foundation Program Awarded LNMH Legal Fellowship

Washington State Bar Foundation Program Awarded LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® Legal Fellowship Funds Will Be Used to Subsidize Costs of "Leadership Institute" for Promising Young Lawyers f... Read more

New Legal Concerns for Cohabitating Couples

Increased Frequency in Cohabitating Couples Raises New Legal Concerns New Survey Commissioned By LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell's Finds Younger Generation More Than ... Read more

New Legal Fellowship Program

LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® Introduces Legal Fellowship Program New Providence, NJ - Press Release - March 9, 2005 - LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, the leading client developm... Read more

U.S. Adults Turn to the Web for Legal Information

U.S. Adults More Likely to Turn to the Web for Legal Information, New Survey from Reveals Research Shows Decline in Relying on Friends and Family for Legal Advice Ne... Read more

Consumers Attitudes Toward Choosing Legal Counsel

Prepared for Martindale-Hubbell by Yankelovich Partners.Backround & PurposeMartindale-Hubbell has commissioned Yankelovich Partners on behalf of to conduct a study to explore Americans' be... Read more

Guide to Legal Services Billing Rates

Most lawyers will tell you that the practice of law is a noble professional dedicated to the pursuit of truth and justice. But anyone looking to hire a lawyer must realize that practicing law is first... Read more

Mistletoe or Legal Woes?

Hosting a party at home involves more than planning a menu. A survey released today reveals that parties in homes and offices may result in trips to the courtroom for some. Commissioned by LexisNe... Read more

Legal Glossary: Know What It Means

Anyone's who's done any legal research at all can tell you it's not always easy to understand what or who a particular law covers and how it's supposed to work. You may be looking at a traffic law or ... Read more

Physical and Legal Custody of Children in Divorce

In divorce, parents' first concern is usually where the children will live. But parenting involves much more than putting a roof over your children's heads. Someone must make decisions for them as wel... Read more

WE WON AGAIN: LexisNexis Wins “Best Legal Mobile Website” in 2012 MobileWebAwards Competition

I am pleased to report that the LexisNexis Web Visibility Solutions team won Best Legal Mobile Website in the Web Marketing Association's prestigious 2012 MobileWebAwards Competition. This is a... Read more

Families Should Consider Legal Checkups

Research from indicates Americans don't know enough about legal issues The modern American family no longer fits a traditional model. Families are changing faster than the law can som... Read more Presents Top Five Legal Hassles to Avoid on Sunday’s Big Game

Betting, Drinking and Stadium Misconduct Among Potential Legal Hurdles Facing Pigskin Fans NEW YORK, January 30, 2012 – Lawyers.comSM, a leading legal website from LexisNexis® for consum... Read more

Fighting Foreclosure: You May Have Legal Defenses

It's in the mail: a letter from your bank or mortgage lender with a notice of default warning of foreclosure if you don't pay your past-due mortgage payments. You may think there's no way to save your... Read more

Immigration: Legal Mexican Visitors Shun Arizona

The US Senate voted to spend $600 million to beef up border security The number of legal visitors crossing from Mexico to Arizona has dropped 17 percent  A decrease in Mexican visitors is hurting ... Read more

Ban on Sharia in US Legal Matters a Slippery Slope

Like everyone else, you probably assume that US legal matters are settled by US laws. From criminal trials to making a will, it only makes sense for US judges and lawyers turn to US law to solve a leg... Read more

Do You Wonder What These Legal Terms Mean?

The law is full of technical and often odd-sounding words and phrases. If you've ever read a contract or been part of a legal action, like a divorce, you probably ran across a few of them. You've prob... Read more

Music Piracy - Make Sure Your Music Is Legal

Related Item A California company is taking a new approach to deter and collect damages for unlawful file-sharing. The company watches bit torrent sites for illegal downloads. It sends emails t... Read more

Legal Malpractice FAQ

What is "breach of fiduciary duty"? An attorney is to act in the best interests of his client. When an attorney puts his own interests or those of a third party before that of the client, a lawyer may... Read more

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