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Lawyers, Law and Resources by State Location

The following table provide access to lawyers, law and resources by state location. States Beginning with the Letter A through D F through I K through M N through O P through T U through W... Read more

Types of Lawyers and Areas of Law Definitions

Have a problem but are unsure whom to turn to? Talking to the right type of attorney at the start cuts down on a lot of time and missteps. Find out what type of attorney you need and what area of la... Read more

Agriculture Law

Agriculture has become one of the most heavily regulated industries in the US, making it much more difficult than it once was  to be a farmer or a rancher. Laws in Play Laws about starting up and o... Read more

Consumer Law: Automobiles and Lemon Law FAQ

Are used cars covered by lemon laws? In an increasing number of states, automobile lemon laws have been extended to apply to used vehicles. For example, a state law may provide that if a used car fail... Read more

State Environmental Laws

Most people think of federal law when it comes to environmental protection. The federal government has passed many important environmental laws over the years. Some of the major federal laws include: ... Read more

Case Law: Lawmakers Don't Make All the Laws

No doubt, the old saying is true: The US is a nation of laws. There are federal laws covering everything from income taxes to discrimination in employment. Every state has laws on crime and punishment... Read more

Consumer Protection Laws

Americans spend billions of dollars each year on everything from appliances to motorcycles to yo-yos. We shop in brick-and mortar stores and online. Truly, consumer purchases never stop; they take pla... Read more

Conflicts of Laws

When a crime takes place in more than one state or country there may be a question or conflict about what law should rule the case. A case could be connected to two states, and their laws may differ. ... Read more

Safety Seat Laws

Related Item Here's a scary fact: despite all the stress put on using child safety seats, many if not most parents don't install them properly. According to the New York City Transportation Departmen... Read more

Local Hire Laws Good Intentions Illegal Means

What can you do if you're a city official, the national economy is sluggish, and unemployment rates in your city continue to rise, or at least don't go down? You try to help your citizens, of course. ... Read more

Employee Rights and Laws in New Mexico

The rights of employees are protected and regulated by state and federal laws. The following summarizes basic employment laws and rights of employees in New Mexico. Right to Non-Discrimination in H... Read more

Oregon Employment Laws and Regulations

Employment laws are set forth in state and federal legislation. Following are some of the things that Oregon employees should know about the basic employment laws and rights in their state. Discrim... Read more

What Are the Laws on HIV Testing?

HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is a disease that may lead to AIDS - acquired immune deficiency syndrome. AIDS was first discovered in 1981. Since then, millions of people in the in the US, and ... Read more

Essentials of Minnesota Employment Law

State and federal laws shield employees from illegal hiring practices from the time they apply for a job until termination. The following is a summary of the essentials of employment and labor laws un... Read more

Understand Nebraska Employment and Labor Laws

Hiring, firing, overtime, leaves, and other employment matters are regulated by state and federal laws. This article discusses some basic employment laws pertaining to Nebraska employees. Want Ads ... Read more

Street & Roaming Vendors Deal with Laws Old & New

From Los Angeles to New York City, in most cities across the US you can find all kinds of food and beverages without walking into a restaurant. Sidewalk and roaming vendors are there to make it easy f... Read more

Employment Laws of New Hampshire

Most employees enjoy the protection of both state and federal laws, from the time they first apply for a job through post-employment issues. Here are some things New Hampshire employees should know. ... Read more

Labor and Employment Laws in Wyoming

Employee and employer rights and obligations are found in state and federal laws. All Wyoming employees should know about the basic employment laws set forth in this summary. Bias and Discriminatio... Read more

Basics of Maine's Employment Laws

State and federal employment laws benefit employees from unlawful activities from hiring to discharge. All Maine workers should be familiar with the employment laws that affect them. Basics in Hiri... Read more

Speeding Laws

At the heart of the offense of speeding is the operation or driving of a motor vehicle at a speed that is greater than the speed that is specified by the law, such as state laws and local ordinances. ... Read more

New York Employment Law

State and federal laws set the standards for all employees. New York employees should be aware of the basic employment laws and rights in their state. Hiring Discrimination No employment adverti... Read more

Nevada's Labor and Employment Laws

Each stage of the employment process is regulated by state and federal laws. The following article summarizes the basic employment laws regarding employees in Nevada. Regulating the Hiring Process ... Read more

Montana's Labor and Employment Law

Most employment issues are regulated by state and federal laws. Montana workers should be familiar with the laws discussed in this summary. Want Ads and Screening Applicants Legal Content in Wan... Read more

Motorcycle Safety and Traffic Laws

Motorcycling is extremely popular across the country. Whether it's because of the high price of gas or the aura and mystique of riding free on the open road, there are millions (PDF) of them on our st... Read more

Of iPhones, Shield Laws, Criminals, and Theft

In 2010, someone in California found a prototype iPhone and sold it to an internet blog The incident sparked debate about if and how the state's shield laws apply "Shield laws" are designed to pro... Read more

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