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Celebrity Legal IssuesConsumer IssuesDisaster & Emergency ServicesEducationFamily & Relationships FinancialGovernmentImmigrationInternet/TechnologyLaw Enforcement & Crime Medical & HealthcareRea... Read more

Social Media and Technology Glossary

Are you confused by some of the new words you run into on the internet? As new software and websites are developed for social interaction, new terms are needed to describe this technology and social m... Read more

Inside the Courts - Lawsuits and Litigation

When you need to go to court for any reason, it can be overwhelming. Be confident by learning relevant terms, understanding the courts, lawsuits, trials, and finding information specific to courts in ... Read more

What It Means to "Interpret" the US Constitution

You've almost certainly heard it, and the odds are, you've probably even said something like, "I can say whatever I like," or "I have a right to my privacy." And, for the most part, these common phras... Read more

Social Media Sites Help In Jury Selections

Jury trials are perhaps the greatest equalizer of the US legal system: A panel of your peers decides if you committed a crime, or are at fault for someone's injury or any number of legal wrong-doings.... Read more Community Forum Help

Updating a Community Account Created Before February 26, 2009 Create a Forum Account Signing into Your Account Passwords My Community Display Name Home Ed... Read more

MANY Are Unhappy with Arizona's Immigration Law

Related Item Arizona has even drawn the ire of the computer hacking group LulzSec. On June 23, 2011 LulzSec released hundreds of confidential records of the Arizona Department of Public Safety ... Read more

Intellectual Property: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Entertainment and intellectual property law cover a very broad spectrum of legal issues involving contracts, patents, trademarks, copyrights and more. The level of expertise of lawyers specializing in... Read more

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Renter

The landlord-tenant relationship is a contract when you have a lease. Both you and your landlord agree in writing to do certain things - and to not do others. Some of your responsibilities are obvious... Read more

Home Sellers Must Disclose Problems

To protect buyers, sellers are required to reveal certain information about the house. These disclosures, often referred to as - transfer disclosures - inform buyers about existing problems. D... Read more

The US Supreme Court was Busy in June 2010

The US Supreme Court was busy in June 2010. Among its rulings, the Court decided: Whether humanitarian groups can give assistance to suspected terrorists If voters' names on referendum petitions wer... Read more

How Can I Protect an Animal from Abuse?

It is no secret that Americans love their pet cats and dogs. In fact, 62 percent of U.S. households have one or more pets. Often, these pets are treated like valued members of the family. Sometimes, h... Read more

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