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What is a Hate Crime?

Update Despite recent news headlines highlighting criminal attacks against Muslims, anti-Muslim hate crimes are relatively rare. According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data, Blacks,... Read more

One of These Provisions Is Not Like the Other

Republicans are notoriously known for supporting increases in military budgets and spending. However, in October 2009, 29 Republican Senators voted against the National Defense Authorization Act. ... Read more

Federal Protectors: Roles of the CIA & the FBI

All around us, everyday, there are threats to our safety and security. The threats come from near and far. The leader of a foreign country may be planning to attack the US or US citizens traveling abr... Read more

School Discipline

It's likely your kids are pretty well behaved in school. But almost every student ticks off a teacher now and then. Minor discipline issues come up, like tardiness and talking in class. These are ofte... Read more

Bullying on the Cyber Playground

Bullying is nothing new. For generations, children everywhere have faced playground taunts and teasing. In recent years though, the Internet has taken bullying to a whole new level. With the click of ... Read more

Criminal Civil Rights Violations

Types of Criminal Civil Rights Violations A criminal civil rights violation involves the use or threat of force, and can occur with: Hate crimes Migrant worker exploitation Law enfor... Read more

Criminal Civil Rights Violations FAQ

How is a criminal civil rights violation handled? There are five general stages in bringing potential criminal civil rights violations to prosecution. In sequence, they are: Receiving a complain... Read more

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Celebrity Legal IssuesConsumer IssuesDisaster & Emergency ServicesEducationFamily & Relationships FinancialGovernmentImmigrationInternet/TechnologyLaw Enforcement & Crime Medical & HealthcareRea... Read more

Legal Name Changes: A New Start as Yourself

Related Item What's in a name? If you're Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest, names matter. He's petitioned a California court to legally change his name from Ron Artest (of course) to Metta... Read more

Who’s Lying? The Megan Williams Story

Back in 2007, a huge story erupted when seven white men were accused of raping and torturing Megan Williams, a twenty year-old in West Virginia. These actions were seen as racially motivated. Minority... Read more

Ground Breaking for Mosque Near Ground Zero?

It's a strange sight when two groups of people with polar opposite points of view both show up at rallies or protests waiving the US flag and invoking fundamental constitutional rights. It's strange, ... Read more

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