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Intellectual Property: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Entertainment and intellectual property law cover a very broad spectrum of legal issues involving contracts, patents, trademarks, copyrights and more. The level of expertise of lawyers specializing in... Read more

Starting a Business: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Starting a business without the advice of legal counsel could be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make. If you don't already have a lawyer representing your interests, a prime candidate to meet yo... Read more

Internet Business: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Legal issues involving the Internet are potentially so broad that there may be not be anyone out there who could be called a pure "Internet lawyer." But that doesn't mean there aren't certain skills t... Read more

Criminal Law: Selecting a Good Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, you want to retain a lawyer immediately. You will want someone who has expertise in criminal defense because it is a highly specialized area of the law. If y... Read more

Lawyer Fees in Class Actions

Do you think class action lawsuits make huge profits for the amount of work they put in? Are you confused about how courts decide how much an attorney in a class action should receive? Here are the an... Read more

Employers: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Most lawyers who specialize in employment law will predominantly represent either employers or employees. Thus, an employee with a claim against his or her employer, will probably hire a "plaintiff's ... Read more

How to Hire the Right Lawyer

If you're like the average American, it's unlikely you have an ongoing business relationship with a lawyer. You may only hire an attorney a few times in your lifetime - to write a will or help with bu... Read more

Working with Your Personal Injury Lawyer

If you've been injured and someone else may be at fault, you shouldn't hesitate to talk with a personal injury lawyer. In fact, you should talk with several personal injury lawyers. You'll get several... Read more

Medical Malpractice: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Most lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice law will either represent injured patients or defend against medical malpractice lawsuits, but usually not both. If you've been injured, you'll proba... Read more

Banking & Finance - Selecting a Good Lawyer

If you have a banking or finance problem, and you don't already have a list of lawyers you might hire, a great place to start your search is on A few short clicks gets you a list of banki... Read more

Selecting A Lawyer

There's more to selecting a lawyer than picking a name in the phone book or "Googling" for one in your area. This is a major decision and you want to spend some time making sure you select the right l... Read more

Admiralty Injury: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Admiralty and maritime laws are unique, so you'll want a lawyer who specializes in this area if you have a maritime injury or claim. A great place to start your search for a lawyer is right here a... Read more

Trusts & Estates: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Trusts and Estates is a rapidly growing area of practice in the law that includes estate planning, managing your estate during life and disposing of your estate at your death through the use of trusts... Read more

Family Law: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer to help you in your divorce is hard work. But it's important and worth taking the time to do it right. First, ask yourself what it is you're trying to accomplish. Do yo... Read more

Elder Law: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Elder Law is a rapidly growing area in the practice of law. As America ages, and the "baby boomers" begin to retire within the next few years, there will be an even greater demand for attorneys who un... Read more

Real Estate: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Real estate is unique, and the legal issues touching real estate can be both unique and high stakes. Real estate ownership for individuals usually means home ownership, and it's the single largest ass... Read more

Business: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned business owner, the odds are, at some point in time, you're going to need a lawyer to help with legal problem. That's why it's important for any business... Read more

Personal Injury: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Most lawyers who specialize in personal injury law will either represent injured people or defend against personal injury lawsuits, but usually not both. If you've been injured, you'll probably want t... Read more

Selecting a Good Wills & Probate Lawyer

When a relative or someone who was close to you has died (called the "decedent") and has left you money or property or has named you as executor of their will, it a good idea to find a lawyer to help ... Read more

Working with a Discrimination Lawyer

If you think you have a discrimination or civil rights issue, know a few things about working with a discrimination lawyer and what to expect if you want to pursue a lawsuit. Seek Legal Help S... Read more

Selecting a Good Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

Any bankruptcy can be complicated. There are federal and state laws to deal with and stacks of forms to fill out and file with the court. You stand to lose a lot if it's not done properly. Bank... Read more

Selecting a Workers' Comp Lawyer

If you've been injured at work and need to find a workers' compensation law attorney, learn some basics about workers' comp law. Articles on workers' comp on can give you a good start. Als... Read more

Business Bankruptcy: Selecting a Qualified Lawyer

When you decide that business bankruptcy is your only option, a lot is at stake - including your personal financial health as well as your reputation and your business relationships. Bankruptcy is nev... Read more

Select a Lawyer

Selecting a lawyer is a big step and more than a little intimidating. Whether you go with a family friend, a coworker's recommendation or a lawyer online or in a directory, there are a few things you ... Read more

Lawyers for Parents, Surrogates and Donors

Once you make the decision to use sperm or egg donors or a surrogate to start your family, it can be an exciting time for everyone. However, fertility and surrogacy laws can be extremely complicated. ... Read more

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