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Celebrity Legal News: Michael Phelps

After the 2008 Summer Olympics, images of swimmer Michael Phelps and his eight Olympic gold medals were everywhere - magazine covers and multi-million dollar sponsorship deals. Companies that made any... Read more

Celebrity Legal News: Tiger Woods Risks Endorsements

Tales of Tiger Woods' extramarital affairs not only jeopardize his marriage, they potentially endanger his relationship with corporate sponsors. The sex scandal has several companies reevaluating adve... Read more

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Celebrity Legal IssuesConsumer IssuesDisaster & Emergency ServicesEducationFamily & Relationships FinancialGovernmentImmigrationInternet/TechnologyLaw Enforcement & Crime Medical & HealthcareRea... Read more

Hilton, Trademarks and Not-So-Hot for Hallmark

Update Hallmark will be enclosing a big fat check with its greetings to Paris Hilton. Lawyers for the greeting card company told a California judge they reached a settlement in the laws... Read more

Mysterious Illness Hits Sea and Air Travelers

Travel companies everywhere are wooing customers with great travel deals. Look online and you'll see incredibly low prices on all kinds of trips and tours. But two vessels - one by sea, and one by air... Read more

Looking through the Glass: Stalking and Privacy

The news headlines were buzzing: A female reporter had been secretly videotaped in the nude, and the videos posted on the internet. The suspect was an insurance company executive from the Chicago area... Read more

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