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Conference Focus: Litigation Management Strategies

Second Annual Business Litigation Conference to Focus on Comprehensive View of Litigation Management Strategies New Providence, N.J. - Press Release - November 28, 2005 - In response to the wide ra... Read more

Protect Your Business If You Are Served with a Lawsuit

Any day you get served with a lawsuit is not a good day for your business. You cannot ignore the lawsuit without suffering a judgment against your business, and you know that defending the lawsuit wil... Read more

Preparing For A Business Lawsuit

It's smart to prepare your business for potential lawsuits down the road. Shield Yourself from Personal Liability Exposure Some lawyers advise that every business should be incorporated or forme... Read more

When Your Business Has Been Sued

Your business has just been served with legal papers. Now what? Call Your Lawyer The very first call you should make is to your lawyer. He or she will be able to tell you what to do next. ... Read more

Small Claims Court for Businesses

Small claims court provides a simplified procedure to air your grievances against another party. A regular court case can take months or years to go to trial. Further, the amount of money that you may... Read more

Protecting Yourself Against Business Lawsuits

Chances are over time that your business will face a lawsuit. Plan ahead and be ready. A quick response can make the difference in the outcome of a possible lawsuit, and in any event, makes it easier ... Read more

How to File a Business Lawsuit in Civil Court

Owning a business almost guarantees that you will be in civil court at some point. You may be forced to file a business lawsuit against a customer who refuses to pay an invoice or against another comp... Read more

Types of Lawyers and Areas of Law Definitions

Have a problem but are unsure whom to turn to? Talking to the right type of attorney at the start cuts down on a lot of time and missteps. Find out what type of attorney you need and what area of la... Read more

Many Prefer Alternative Dispute Resolution Over a Lawsuit

Going to court is not the only way to resolve your business disputes. You have a number of other options that can be quicker and less expensive than filing a lawsuit and taking a case to trial. Altern... Read more

2004 LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell Press Releases

December 8, 2004: LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell Launches New Experts & Services Directory for Legal Professionals at December 3, 2004: Mistletoe or Legal Woes: Holiday Partie... Read more

"Dram Shop" Laws Hold Bars Responsible for Alcohol Injuries

Drinking liquor is a personal choice, so it may seem unfair that bar owners can be liable for accidents and injuries that occur because someone chose to drink in their business establishment. Under th... Read more

Toyota Being Driven Straight to Court and the Bank

Lawyers in class action lawsuits against Toyota are now claiming the auto maker violated the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) Toyota's shareholders are filing lawsuits over t... Read more

Apples Anti-Trust Suit Over Adobe Flash

Techno-giant Apple may face antitrust probes by federal agencies Federal antitrust laws protect consumers and businesses from unfair practices   Many of us have heard or read the... Read more

Fraud, Misconception, Good Faith and Fair Dealing

Contract law requires the parties to an agreement to do more than just fulfill the contract terms. The law also sets standards for the way you and the other party conduct yourselves throughout the tra... Read more

Bad News for Borders

You may have recently shopped at Borders and had no idea that the company is doing badly. Borders is the second-largest bookstore chain the US after Barnes & Noble. Borders sells books, CDs, DVDs and ... Read more

Toys"R"Us Price-Fixing Class Action Lawsuit

If you recently bought baby products from Babies"R"Us and were dismayed by the high prices of such products, you are not alone. On July 15, 2009, a federal judge in Pennsylvania granted class action s... Read more

Standards of Review on Appeal

Either party in a civil lawsuit can challenge the trial court's final judgment by filing an appeal. The appeal is decided by a higher court, called the appellate court. The party filing the appeal is ... Read more

Bar Liability for Alcohol Injuries

Many states hold commercial vendors of alcohol, such as bars, taverns and package stores responsible for injury caused by drunk patrons Laws in most states require the injured person suing a commerc... Read more

Getting Out of a Contract

Legally, you can't get out of a contract just because you've changed your mind. If you try, the other party will probably sue you for breach of contract. It's always possible that the contract include... Read more

Default Judgments in Civil Lawsuits

A default judgment is conclusive and binding on the parties. If a default judgment is entered against a defendant (the person being sued in a lawsuit), the defendant can't later try to deny or fight t... Read more

Basic Pleadings and Motions in a Civil Lawsuit

Pleadings are formal written documents that are filed with the court. Pleadings are public documents unless sealed by the court. The court's rules tell you what needs to be included in a pleading and ... Read more

Summary Judgment Motion

After a lawsuit is filed, the plaintiff (the party suing) or the defendant (the party being sued) can file a motion for summary judgment. By making a motion for summary judgment, the moving party clai... Read more

FAQ - Business Enterprises

So what is a limited liability company and how is it different from a limited partnership? The best way to describe a limited liability company ("LLC") is as a hybrid between a corporation and a partn... Read more

Doing Business on the Internet FAQS

What is "spamming" and is it illegal? Spamming can take on many forms and is difficult to precisely define. Generally speaking, though, it consists of mass posting or cross-posting of unsolicited e-ma... Read more

Starting a Business: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Starting a business without the advice of legal counsel could be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make. If you don't already have a lawyer representing your interests, a prime candidate to meet yo... Read more

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