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Selecting a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer

All exaggerations aside, bankruptcy is one of the most complicated areas of law. There are dozens of federal and state laws to deal with and stacks of forms to fill out and file with the court. If it'... Read more

Selecting a Good Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

Any bankruptcy can be complicated. There are federal and state laws to deal with and stacks of forms to fill out and file with the court. You stand to lose a lot if it's not done properly. Bank... Read more

Selecting a Good Business Tax Lawyer

All you have to do is look at a federal or state tax form and the instructions that go with it and you'll see instantly how complicated tax law is. When it comes to taxes, there's rarely anything simp... Read more

Banking & Finance - Selecting a Good Lawyer

If you have a banking or finance problem, and you don't already have a list of lawyers you might hire, a great place to start your search is on A few short clicks gets you a list of banki... Read more

Business: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned business owner, the odds are, at some point in time, you're going to need a lawyer to help with legal problem. That's why it's important for any business... Read more

Selecting a Good Consumer Tax Lawyer

The federal tax code is thousands of pages long, full of rules, exceptions to the rules and penalties for violating them. So, you're not alone if you have questions and problems, whether you're dealin... Read more

Selecting A U.S. Immigration Lawyer

Immigration matters are almost always complicated. That's because of the many laws and rules involved with practically every type of immigration issue, whether you need a green card to stay in the US ... Read more

Changing Attorneys Mid-Case

Parties to a lawsuit may change attorneys in the middle of a case either because the party fires the attorney or because the attorney withdraws from the case. However, whether such a change will have ... Read more

Launch of Attorney Match

LexisNexis ® Martindale-Hubbell ® Launches Attorney Match (SM) , New Online Client Development Service for Attorneys New Providence, NJ - Press Release - February 23, 2005 - LexisNexis M... Read more

Elder Law: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Elder Law is a rapidly growing area in the practice of law. As America ages, and the "baby boomers" begin to retire within the next few years, there will be an even greater demand for attorneys who un... Read more

Number 1 Online Lawyer Directory

Individuals, Companies Rely On Martindale-Hubbell Most Often to Find an Attorney For the fourth year in a row, Martindale-Hubbell® maintains lead as the #1 online destination ... Read more

Jokes Aside, Lawyers Do A Lot of Good, Too!

Lawyers are the punch lines of hundreds if not thousands of jokes, riddles, and quips. Why? But mostly, the ones who get noticed more are the lawyers who don't represent their clients well, "chase amb... Read more

Online Search For Bankruptcy Attorneys Up In Q2 2008

Lawyers.comSMOnline Search For Bankruptcy Attorneys Up 37% In Q2 2008; Correlates with Rise in Nationl Bankruptcy Filings Consumers' pain points mirror economic issues; more legal help ne... Read more

Attorney Match Direct Call Service Launched

LexisNexis Launches Attorney MatchSM - Direct Call Service on attorneys.comSM New Pay Per Call offering helps attorneys grow their business by driving phone calls directly fro... Read more

How to Fire Your Attorney

No matter how hard we try, some relationships fail. This doesn't just happen in personal relationships; sometimes your professional relationships also fall apart. The doctor you initially appreciated ... Read more is Most Visited Legal Site for People Seeking an Attorney

Legal information site experiences record traffic in Q1 2009 New York, NY - June 15, 2009 - Individuals and small business owners seeking to hire legal counsel use resources from Lawyers.comSM ... Read more

What Happens if Your Attorney is Disbarred

To change attorneys in the middle of a case or other legal matter is disruptive, time-consuming and potentially stressful. When you're forced to change attorneys because your lawyer has been disbarred... Read more

Types of Lawyers and Areas of Law Definitions

Have a problem but are unsure whom to turn to? Talking to the right type of attorney at the start cuts down on a lot of time and missteps. Find out what type of attorney you need and what area of la... Read more

Admiralty Injury: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Admiralty and maritime laws are unique, so you'll want a lawyer who specializes in this area if you have a maritime injury or claim. A great place to start your search for a lawyer is right here a... Read more

Starting a Business: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Starting a business without the advice of legal counsel could be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make. If you don't already have a lawyer representing your interests, a prime candidate to meet yo... Read more

Finding a Lexapro Attorney

Lexapro®is the brand name of an antidepressant medicine called escitalopram oxalate. Lexapro belongs to a group of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors1 (or SSRIs). Doctors commonly pr... Read more

Selecting A Lawyer

There's more to selecting a lawyer than picking a name in the phone book or "Googling" for one in your area. This is a major decision and you want to spend some time making sure you select the right l... Read more

HOA Attorneys

Homeowners associations (HOA) exist for the benefit of homeowners who live in the communities they manage. This sometimes requires that an HOA retain its own attorney to resolve legal disputes that af... Read more

When an Attorney Must or May Withdraw Mid-Case

As the client, you have an almost absolute right to hire and fire your attorneys for any reason you choose (or for no reason whatsoever). Your attorney, on the other hand, cannot "fire" you as a clien... Read more

Firing Your Court-Appointed Lawyer

If you have been accused of a crime that has the potential for jail time and if you cannot afford a lawyer, then the court should have offered to appoint a lawyer to represent you. Depending on your j... Read more

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