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Scam Alert: Fraudulent Adoption Agencies

Adoption agencies may be incompetent or fraudulent If you're thinking of adopting, you should investigate a potential agency by asking questions and checking the agency's reputation with other ... Read more

Government Agencies

The US Government has aggressively adopted the web. Take a look at some of the more requested agencies, Acts and topics that you may be familiar with, but would like additional information about. At... Read more

Collecting Payments Using Private Child Support Agencies

Many parents face the challenge of collecting child support, and can't afford to hire an attorney and aren't seeing results from government child support service agencies. Another option may be a priv... Read more

Minnesota Attorney General Sues Employment Agency

A lot of people are looking for jobs these days. And they're doing more than looking through classified ads in the paper and searching online. Rather, they're paying employment agencies to help them i... Read more

Dealing with Credit Reporting Agencies & Bureaus

Chances are that your financial information is on file at one or more consumer reporting agencies (CRAs), which are also known as credit bureaus or consumer credit reporting agencies. These companies... Read more

Assistance with Adoption: Attorneys, Agencies or Facilitators

If you seek to adopt a child, you will be faced with a choice: use a licensed adoption agency or use an independent adoption facilitator who acts as an intermediary between you and the child's birth p... Read more

New Federal Consumer Protection Agency Gets Closer

In June 2009, President Obama came up with a plan to reshape the US financial system. A big part of the plan included the creation of a new federal agency to protect consumers in all sorts of financia... Read more

Employment of Veterans by Federal Agencies

Did you serve in the military? Are you currently looking for a civilian job now that your service is over? The federal government hires many veterans for agency jobs. It recognizes the sacrifices vete... Read more

Federal Law And Agencies

Access the U.S. Constitution and Amendments, branches of government, courts and laws as well as Federal government agencies which offer a wide range of information at their respective sites. Take time... Read more

State Law And Agencies

State Lawyers, Law & Resources Some laws apply to all states, but many only apply at the state, or even county and municipal level. Find lawyers, how-to articles, resource web... Read more

Privacy Act of 1974

The Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits federal agencies from disclosing private information about you without your written consent. The law also requires federal agencies to allow you to see records that t... Read more

Legal Responsibilities of Job Search Companies

The unemployed often turn to private recruiters to help with a job search or contact temporary employment agencies to secure some short-term assignments. Either way, you have the same legal rights as ... Read more

Confirming a Reorganization Plan: Regulatory Approval

The reorganization plan is at the center of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. The plan generally must be approved by a majority of the creditors. After approval, it must be confirmed by the bankruptcy cou... Read more

Governmental Use of Social Security Numbers

Social Security numbers are unique numbers given to all United States citizens as a means of identifying them for tax and pension purposes. Social Security numbers have also become a generally used me... Read more

Rented Vehicle Accidents

Renting a car isn't something most people do on a regular basis unless you travel frequently. There can be a greater risk for an accident to happen when renting a car because you're unfamiliar with th... Read more

Correcting Errors on Credit Reports

Your credit rating is very important and ensuring that it's current is your job. When you receive your annual free credit report, be sure to review it and update any information that might harm your c... Read more

Government Gave OK: Public Authority Defense

People have seen the public authority defense when it has been used by people in the government, such as police officers, FBI agents and politicians. The defense gains national attention in cases like... Read more

Contingent Workers

For longer than you may realize, employers have hired contingent workers whenever they needed some extra help. Recently, however, there's been a bit of a population explosion in the contingent worker ... Read more

Collecting Past-Due Child Support Payments

If a non-custodial parent owes you money for child support, both the federal government and your state government are on your side. In most cases, you must register your child support order with your ... Read more


If you own a small business, you probably want to know how you can increase sales. One good way of increasing sales is by marketing your business. Marketing can include advertising and direct contact,... Read more

Health Care Services in the Comfort of Your Home

Most elderly persons prefer to remain at home, in familiar surroundings. To do so, they often need assistance with the tasks of daily living - like food preparation, mobility, and personal hygiene - o... Read more

Workers' Compensation Claims: Getting Benefits

At any given time, day or night, there are millions of people working, doing thousands of different jobs and tasks. Unfortunately, accidents happen and workers get hurt. It happens quite often, too - ... Read more

Spare the Rod: Is Spanking Child Abuse?

In years past, teachers silently instilled fear in their young students by displaying the wooden "paddle" on the classroom wall, as a reminder of the standard punishment for misbehavior. Today the pad... Read more

NY What is Small Claims Court?

In New York, the small claims court is a simple, inexpensive and informal court where an individual can sue for money only, up to $5,000, without a lawyer. Claims for more than $5,000 may not be broug... Read more

Request Your Free Credit Report Every Year

Your credit report is a record of all open accounts you have as well as your payment history with each of them. It also includes loans you've applied for and your criminal record, if you have one. If ... Read more

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