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Adult Adoption as an Estate Planning Tool

Adult adoption occurs when an adult adopts a person who is over age 18. Generally this is done to secure inheritance rights for the adoptee but it may also be done for other reasons, such as to formal... Read more

Assistance with Adoption: Attorneys, Agencies or Facilitators

If you seek to adopt a child, you will be faced with a choice: use a licensed adoption agency or use an independent adoption facilitator who acts as an intermediary between you and the child's birth p... Read more

Reversing an Adoption

Adopting a child can be a wonderful experience. Fortunately, most adoptions work out well for everyone involved. In some cases, however, the difficulties in forming a healthy parent-child relationship... Read more

Advertising an Unborn Baby for Adoption

Thousands of children are adopted each year and thousands more are waiting to be adopted. How do birthmothers and adoptive parents get together? Often it's an adoption agency handling practically all ... Read more

About Adoption

Adoption can be a good choice if you're unable to have children or simply want to share your love and home with another child. Adoption is a legal process that ends the rights of the biological parent... Read more

Family Law: Adoption FAQ

Can I collect child support if my husband has adopted my son? In many states, your ex-husband has no obligation to support your son after the adoption. However, the adoption normally wouldn't alter an... Read more

Rights of Birth Parents and Grandparents After Adoption

Raising a child from birth involves important responsibilities. If the birth parents are unable or unwilling to meet their responsibilities, they may voluntarily place their child for adoption. Birth ... Read more

Scam Alert: Fraudulent Adoption Agencies

Adoption agencies may be incompetent or fraudulent If you're thinking of adopting, you should investigate a potential agency by asking questions and checking the agency's reputation with other ... Read more

Adoption of a Foster Child or Stepchild

Adoption can be a long and expensive process. Additional legal requirements apply when the child you wish to adopt is a foster child or a stepchild. Some of these requirements are beneficial to you, w... Read more

Lawyer Accused of Running Nationwide Adoption Scam

Thousands of children are adopted in the US each year, according to statistics collected by the Children's Bureau, which is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Many people want to ... Read more

Visas for Hague Convention Adoptions

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), there are about 20,000 adoptions by US citizens of children born in foreign countries (sometimes called "inter-country adoptions") eac... Read more

Special Situations in Adoption

Traditionally, adoption takes place when a married couple of reproductive age adopts a healthy child of the same ethnicity. But there are many alternative ways to adopt. With so many children in need ... Read more

Easing Adoption Anxieties

The legal process of adopting a child is a lot easier to cope with than the frustrating roller coaster of emotions that comes with the experience. There are different types of adoptions, so consider w... Read more

How Does Divorce Affect Adoption?

Adopting a child is an important decision that presumes the child will be accepted into a stable and loving home. When a married couple decides to adopt a child, it is unlikely they are expecting to d... Read more

How Does Embryo Adoption Work?

Update In May 2010, the McLaughlins and Lamberts settled their dispute over the possession of control of embryos donated by the Lamberts to the McLaughlins. The precise terms of the settlement ... Read more

Completing an Adoption Home Study

As part of the adoption process, all prospective parents will eventually have to undertake a "home study," which is essentially a thoroughly detailed adoption application. The home study explores the ... Read more

Scam Alert: Adoption and Fraudulent Birth Parents

Most adoption agencies and prospective birth parents are honest, caring people. But if you are a prospective adoptive parent, beware: Danger does lurk in the shadows. There are always people looking t... Read more

Foreign Adoption by a U.S. Citizen

As a result of federal legislation passed in 2000, most foreign children adopted by U.S. citizens automatically become citizens themselves. Citizenship of foreign-born adopted children occurs by "oper... Read more

Interracial Adoption: Love Is Color Blind

What do you think of when you hear the word "family?" For many, the image of a child comes to mind almost instantly. For couples and adults who can't have children of their own, adoption is sometimes ... Read more

Things To Discuss With Your Adoption Lawyer

When you're starting into the adoption process, there are lots of things to think about and decisions to make. Here's a checklist of some of the steps to take and things you'll want to discuss with yo... Read more

Stepchild Adoption Checklist

When you're starting into the process of adopting a stepchild, there are lots of things to think about and decisions to make. Here's a checklist of some of the steps to take and things you'll want to ... Read more

Immigration Visa for Adopting an Orphan (Non-Hague)

Adoption always has been an option for couples and individuals to start or complete a family. In recent years, it seems, more US citizens are adopting foreign children, that is, orphaned children who ... Read more

Birth Parent Rights

The decision to give a child up for adoption is a difficult one that should only be undertaken after careful thought and consideration about the parents' ability to raise the child, the emotional impa... Read more

Resources for Finding a Birth Parent or Child

For adoptees and their birth parents, the decision to later seek information about genetic parents and offspring can be emotionally charged and often filled with legal roadblocks. Before World War II,... Read more

Rights of Adoptive Parents

In the adoption process, adoptive parents assume complete legal responsibility for raising a child. The adoptive parents are given the same parental rights as if the child had been born to them, while... Read more

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