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Interference with Joint Child Custody

If you have a child and are facing a divorce, the issue you might be most concerned with is the child custody arrangements. Joint child custody is usually the preferred arrangement for families. It al... Read more

Child Custody and Child Visitation: Terms To Know

Sometimes, and for all sorts of reasons, personal relationships fail and parents split-up. Married or not, the loss of the relationship is only one aspect the parents have to deal with. There's also t... Read more

Child Custody Mediation May Be Right for You

During the divorce process, the emotions of parents can be very intense and highly personal in matters involving their children. Sometimes these emotions can lead to stress on the children and decisio... Read more

Divorce: Child Custody FAQ

Who is the custodial parent when there is no court order and the parents aren't married? It depends on state law. In many states, an unmarried woman who gives birth to a child is the sole residential ... Read more

Child Custody Myth: Mothers Are First In Line

How times change. Custody of children used to be a one-way street. In the 1970s, when a two-parent home broke up because of a divorce, a court usually assumed the child was better off with the mother.... Read more

Steps in the Child Custody Mediation Process

Whether it's in a divorce or some other setting where parents decide to end the relationship, one of the hardest-fought and bitter battles is over child custody. Both parents love their children and w... Read more

Types of Custody-Joint Custody Checklist

When you're considering a joint custody agreement, the number of details to be considered seem endless, but most are necessary in order to achieve the best framework possible for successful coparentin... Read more

Factors Considered by a Child Custody Evaluator

The role of a professional child custody evaluator is to act as a neutral expert witness for the court on custody matters. The evaluator attempts to determine the best interests of the child. The best... Read more

Divorce: Modifying Custody FAQ

My ex-wife moved to another state and I think her new husband is an alcoholic, and abusive to her and my kids. How can I change custody? It's best to seek help from your attorney to change custod... Read more

Sharing Custody

In the past, the children of a married couple would normally be awarded to the mother if there's a divorce. She would have sole physical and legal custody. This means that the children would always li... Read more

Your Child's Wishes May Count in Child Custody Agreements

When parents get divorced or breakup, child custody is one of the most important matters for the parents and the courts to deal with. Often, parents agree on custody arrangements by working them out b... Read more

How Can I Get Custody of My Children

When a family breaks apart, one important decision is who gets custody of any children. Usually, a parenting agreement is reached with the assistance of an attorney or a mediator. When the parents can... Read more

Common Issues During Child Custody Mediation

Issues involving children during a divorce or custody dispute can lead to intense emotions and stress on the children. Mediation of child custody issues has many benefits over the traditional adversar... Read more

Report Preparation by a Child Custody Evaluator

During a divorce or a custody dispute, a professional child custody evaluator acts as a neutral expert witness for the court. The evaluator examines the family and makes custody recommendations in a r... Read more

Divorce, Parenting and Information on Your Child

When parents have a custody arrangement, such as after a divorce, they may still have questions, and even conflicts, over each other's access to records and other information about their child. Misund... Read more

Who'll Care for Your Children after You're Gone?

It's easy to get so caught up in day-to-day tasks of our everyday lives so much so that we don't even think about some important things that need to be done. Then, someone or something jars our memory... Read more

How to File Divorce in Missouri

Laws governing property, custody, and support often vary widely between states, so dissolving a marriage can become complicated. Here is a synopsis of divorce law in Missouri. Will You Require ... Read more

Alaska Divorce Laws

Dissolving your Alaska marriage can be an amicable termination of your relationship, or it may be contentious. In either event, your divorce will include the resolution of fundamental issues applicabl... Read more

Failing to Pick Up Your Child after an Activity

Children are more involved in activities now than in the past. Besides being active in school, a child may be involved in multiple sports, different camps and after-school clubs. Parents may easily ha... Read more

Who's in Control During Your Divorce? You Are

When you know and accept your divorce is a reality, you may tell yourself that you'll do your best to stay in control, and get through it all. Most people make that same promise and succeed. Life goes... Read more

Visitation and Handling Transportation

When parents divorce, custody arrangements for their children can come in many forms. Visitation is usually part of a child custody arrangement, especially when children spend most of the time with on... Read more

Child Tax Exemptions, Deductions and Divorce

As if getting a divorce isn't stressful and complicated enough. Once it's over, there's a whole new set of problems to deal with - your taxes. For divorced or separated parents, it's even more complic... Read more

Missing Children: Protect What's Most Precious

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) and the US Department of Justice, hundreds of thousands of children are reported missing each year in the US. It's a terrifyin... Read more

Temporary Child Custody Can Become Permanent

Spats over cars, furniture and other items usually aren't the most hard-fought arguments in a divorce. Usually, parents fight the hardest when it comes to child custody, and the fights typically begin... Read more

Issues and Laws Surrounding Child Custody

Most people probably associate child custody with divorce actions, but child custody issues are also common in actions involving paternity, guardianship, termination of parental rights and juvenile de... Read more

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