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Third Parties' Rights to Custody of a Child

When parents file for divorce, the judge has the power to award custody of the parties' minor children in accord with the best interests of the children. Generally, fit parents who are able and willin... Read more

Visitation Awards and a Child's Preference

Courts understand that in most cases relationships with both parents are in the best interests of the child. The best interests of the child is how the court measures his or her the well-being. A cour... Read more

Visitation Rights and a Parent's Ex-Partner

In awarding visitation to a former cohabitant or partner, courts try to find what is in the best interest of the child. Deciding the best interest of the child is a way that courts assure the child's ... Read more

Types of Lawyers and Areas of Law Definitions

Have a problem but are unsure whom to turn to? Talking to the right type of attorney at the start cuts down on a lot of time and missteps. Find out what type of attorney you need and what area of la... Read more

Business Taxation FAQs

What are the tax consequences of buying or selling a business? Inevitably, taxes become a big issue when a business is being bought or sold. From a seller's perspective, any profit realized on the sa... Read more

Fiduciary Responsibilities: Corporations

A fiduciary is one who acts legally on behalf and in the best interests of another. Corporate promoters, boards of directors, officers and shareholders all have certain fiduciary responsibilities. ... Read more

Divorce: Child Custody FAQ

Who is the custodial parent when there is no court order and the parents aren't married? It depends on state law. In many states, an unmarried woman who gives birth to a child is the sole residential ... Read more

Performance of Your Real Estate Broker

If you're going to hire a real estate broker or agent to sell your property, you'll probably be signing a real estate brokerage contract or listing agreement. This contract sets out specific terms of ... Read more

Child Custody In New York

In a custody case, a New York court will look to the future, and predict which parent will be the better parent in rearing the child "in the best interest of the child." Custody cases are extremel... Read more

Visitation Rights and an Acting Parent

When a child is left with one or no parents, a caring adult often steps in to help raise the child. Courts sometimes refer to this type of nurturing adult as a de facto parent. This term simply means ... Read more

Divorce: Enforcing Custody Rights FAQ

What do you do about religion when the parents can't agree? Religious decisions involve protections found in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and many state constitutions. A cou... Read more

Real Estate Brokers' Obligations in Leasing

If you own commercial real estate and want to rent it or if you want to rent commercial real estate from someone else, you may be thinking about hiring a real estate broker to help you. A real estate ... Read more

Enforcement of Child Custody Agreements

When a child's parents aren't married, it's likely they have a child custody agreement to set the rules and boundaries for parenting. Child custody agreements often arise in a divorce, but may be used... Read more

Partition Action

Do you own some land? Would you like to sell it, set up a business or build a house on it? What if more than one person owns it? Is there anything you can do if the other owner doesn't want to sell th... Read more

Reorganization: Disclosure & Approval of Insiders

The reorganization plan is at the center of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case. The plan generally must be approved by a majority of the creditors. After approval, it must be confirmed by the bankruptcy cou... Read more

Divorce: Modifying Custody FAQ

My ex-wife moved to another state and I think her new husband is an alcoholic, and abusive to her and my kids. How can I change custody? It's best to seek help from your attorney to change custod... Read more

Buying a Used Vehicle from a Dealer

Buying a used car is a frustrating experience at best, so know how to be a smart shopper and drive away happy. Buyer's Research and Financing Do your research ahead of time and know wh... Read more

Words and Terms You Should Know: Divorce and Family Law

Glossary of Family Law Terms A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Select the first letter of the word from the list above to jump to appropriate section of the glossar... Read more

Remedies and Real Estate Brokerage Contracts

Real estate brokers have certain obligations to perform in selling real estate. If you hire a broker by signing a real estate brokerage contract or listing agreement, the agreement should set out the ... Read more

Child Support Agreements, Waivers, and the Court's Last Say

State laws are uniform in the concept that parents have a duty to support their children. This legal duty applies to all parents, although it's common to think of child support duties in the setting o... Read more

Bankruptcy and Credit

You're considering filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to cancel your debts and wipe your credit slate clean. While your credit slate doesn't really get clean after a bankruptcy, you'd be surprised that get... Read more

Relocating with Children after Divorce

People move or relocate all the time and for all sorts of reasons. A new job may take you to a new city, state or even a new country. Maybe you want a change of scenery, or perhaps to move back to the... Read more

Crime, Punishment and Prison Alternatives

Committing a crime doesn't always mean doing time. While a criminal conviction usually carries a sentence of some sort, there are alternatives to prison. Sometimes alternative methods are used alone, ... Read more

Documenting and Tracking Assets during Divorce

In practically every marriage, spouses have, buy or acquire all sorts of property, either before or after the marriage, and usually both. When divorce is on the horizon, it's time to take stock of all... Read more

Guardianship FAQ

What is guardianship? A court appoints a competent adult, called a guardian, for a person over 18 who's declared mentally or physically incapacitated - someone who's unable to make decisions regarding... Read more

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