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A successful personal injury attorney has to be willing to go to trial. Most cases settle out of court, but an attorney with a reputation for caving in to insurance companies will not get good settlements. And in this economy, insurance companies are going to trial or to the brink of trial in cases that they formerly settled much earlier in the process. Our lawyer is not afraid to go to the mat on behalf of her clients.

An effective personal injury attorney also must connect with her clients. She has to gain a clear understanding of the extent and the impact of the injuries in order to detail those losses in a convincing way for the insurance carriers. She has to assure clients that the ultimate decision of settling or going to trial is in their hands.

Linda Ross is a San Francisco personal injury lawyer with more than 30 successful years in the Bay Area. Other attorneys often express surprise at her significant settlements, knowing that they would not likely get the same results with the same set of facts.

Rather than being confrontational and abrasive with opposing counsel, Ms. Ross has consistently achieved good results with a more civil approach. Her philosophy is to be herself, to be creative and convince her adversaries of the merit of her client's case. However, when the situation calls for an aggressive response, the defense is not willing to pay the compensation her client deserves, she is prepared to take the case to trial.

Drive, Determination, Compassion and Intelligence

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County, accident attorney Linda Ross has practiced at the same Union Street location since 1980. She approaches each injured client's case with drive, determination, compassion and intelligence. Ms. Ross encourages you to focus on healing from your injuries while we take on your legal burdens and seek the fair compensation you deserve.

The Law Office of Linda Ross has secured substantial settlements and verdicts in a wide range of cases, including:

Car accidents and motorcycle crashes

Brain injuries and spinal cord injuries

Wrongful death

Carbon monoxide cases

Sexual abuse lawsuits

Insurance bad faith and coverage disputes

A Note to the Injured

You have to be vigilant with insurance companies or they will take advantage of you. Talk to an attorney before you say anything or sign anything. Remember, any statement you give can be interpreted to your detriment.

San Francisco Injury Lawyer

From the Desk of San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney Linda Ross

Dear Injury Victims and Families of the Injured,

Insurance companies are playing hardball these days, as you may have learned if you have tried to bring a claim after an accident. Insurers gladly take your premiums, but when it's their turn to make good on their promises, they turn their backs on you.

The truth is, it takes more skill and hard work these days to get the same type of injury settlement or verdict as in the past.

By hiring an experienced attorney, you can concentrate your full efforts on taking care of yourself, getting better and putting your life back together. As a personal injury attorney with more than three decades of experience, I am here to take on the entirety of your legal burdens and stand up to insurers and corporations for the compensation you are owed.

But I am much more than "just" your attorney. I truly want to help you and your family see better days. If you need it, I will give you a shoulder to cry on. I want you to feel comfortable with me and this process. It can be a long process for some complicated claims, and we are in this together.

I have practiced law at this Union Street location for 30 years, helping clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding counties. I wasn't born with a silver spoon and I didn't take the traditional law firm path to success. I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps, working as a waitress to finance my law degree and opening my own law practice fresh out of law school. My work ethic and service-oriented nature are part of who I am and how I work, and my sincere belief in justice is evident to my clients, as well as opposing counsel and judges.

I always try to build good relationships and keep interactions as civil as possible. I believe my clients benefits from this approach more than "slash and burn" tactics. However, I don't back down when the other side wants to play rough and I will go to trial when we can't reach a fair settlement.

Being a trial lawyer is like writing a play. The script must be compelling to get the facts across to a tough audience (insurance adjusters and defense lawyers). And of course the play has to end happily - with the good guy prevailing and the bad guy brought to justice.

As my injured client, you are the main character in the narrative I construct. Securing your happy ending through a successful settlement or verdict is my ultimate goal.

I look forward to helping you.


Linda Ross, San Francisco injury attorney

Areas of Law

  • Auto Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian / Bicycle Accidents
  • Muni / BART Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Slip and Fall
  • Dog Bites / Animal Bites
  • Sexual Abuse Victims
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Wrongful Death
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes.

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