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Every person in San Diego, who is accused of a crime and gets trapped in the judicial system suffers a great deal of distress. That high level of stress, cannot be controlled; however, as a lawyer my mission is to reduce that inconvenience and suffering in my clients' lives. Being accused of a crime is not easy. A person accused of a crime can go through a really awful and life changing experience.

I strive to reduce that stress as much as I humanly can, especially if it is their first time in 'The System.' Hopefully, my web site will provide some understanding of the system; however nothing is intended to guarantee results or provide legal advice specific to your case. Therefore, there is no substitute for an office consultation with me. I invite you to call for an appointment.

Over twenty years of experience working in San Diego courts has given me a broad range of experience and ability as a lawyer. While not every case has the factual basis to lend it to being trial worthy, if the case is strong, I have honed my skills and method of jury presentation to maximize the probability of success.

When an innocent person is wrongly convicted or forced to plead guilty, we all lose. It means the system has failed. Experience is very important to ensure every potential advantage possible. Ultimately, a strong defense is achieved through an aggressive offense at trial. That means being assertive, among other things and not does not include rude or obnoxious behavior.

Frequently family members of the accused suffer directly and/or vicariously. With the consent of the accused, I incorporate family members, significant others and close friends in the process. This frequently reveals the full spectrum of their personal issues and/or internal conflicts which may have lead them to be in the criminal justice system. That is part of my holistic approach to the law. We identify the root of the client's personal problems and address them, to prevent them from having future trouble with the law. In addition, I pride myself in keeping my clients informed about their case and the criminal process. Information is power, and I strive to empower my clients by informing them.

My home base is San Diego. While I represent criminal defendants throughout Southern California, the emphasis of my practice is on San Diego. San Diego County is a very unique place. The jury pool is different from anywhere else in our State, or the USA for that matter. More than any in other county in California, San Diego criminal defense lawyers require a close familiarity with the local scene to best further their clients' causes.

  • Criminal Defense
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Cases
  • Felony Criminal Cases
  • Medical Marijuana
  • First Time Offenders
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drunk Driving (DUI)
  • Criminal Appeals & Writs
  • Drug Crimes
  • Elderly Abuse
  • Theft Crimes
  • Crimes of Violence
  • Restraining Orders
  • Expungements.

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