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I am a sole practitioner with 42 years of courtroom experience. I served as Chester County's first full-time District Attorney. When you retain my services I will be the one standing beside you; no one else. You can rest assured I will do everything in my power to guide you safely through the criminal or civil maze that may be confronting you. I have handled thousands of cases and take pride in what I do. I believe I am known to be relentless in my efforts to obtain the best possible disposition for my clients. After 42 years I won't say that I've seen it all but I suggest it would take ingenuity and imagination before I couldn't comment, "Been there, done that."


I have handled thousands of criminal cases from homicide to traffic offenses. Since I was a prosecutor for my first 14 years of practice, four of those as the District Attorney, I know how the prosecution thinks, prepares and presents its case. I believe I am a respected member of the legal profession, having appeared in the courts of Chester, Montgomery, Berks, Bucks and Delaware Counties including the minor judiciary well in excess of 8,000 times. When in court if I have something to say, I am confident it will be heard.

I am known to be relentless in my efforts to insure that my clients receive nothing less than the justice due them as required by the Constitutions of the United States and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If I represent you, you can be assured that I will not only do everything in my power to help you with your immediate problem but also direct you on a path that will hopefully minimize your need for a criminal defense attorney in the future. My mind set is short and succinct: I believe if it can be done, I can do it.

If you believe you may be charged or have been charged with a criminal offense you need an experienced attorney to guide you through the maze of the criminal justice system. That path begins with this advice: If any law enforcement official attempts to question you be polite and pleasant. Provide whatever statistical information; such as: name, residence, height, eye color, that may be asked. Do not say anything about anything that could possibly relate to a criminal event. You have an absolute right to remain silent and anything you say could and likely will be used against you. Exercise this right and advise the questioner you would like to speak to an attorney. Remember, even a fish could avoid many perils if it kept its mouth shut.


With the exception of the four years I served as Chester County's first full-time District Attorney in 300 years, I have been representing individuals in what is termed "family" or "domestic" matters.

Domestic litigation essentially falls into one or all of the following:


Dissolution of the marriage;

Equitable Distribution of Marital Property

Could be, but is not necessarily, equal based on at least 13 criteria;

Spousal Support

Monthly sum paid by financially stronger to financially weaker while yet married;

Alimony Pendente Lite

If married but not eligible for spousal support the amount the financially stronger pays the financially weaker while the litigation is ongoing;


If determined appropriate based on 17 criteria amount financially stronger pays to financially weaker after divorce;

Child Support

Normally the monthly sum the parent with fewer overnight visits per year with the parties' child or children pays to the party who has the child or children more often overnight;

Child Custody

Determination as to who has the child or children under 18 overnight more often in a given year;

Criteria: Best interest of the child(ren); not the parents;

Protection from Abuse

Action by which a party seeks court-ordered, up-to-36 months' exclusive use of the residence because of abuse by the other. Violation brings a fine up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail.

Individuals involved in family law issues will find them extremely involved, emotionally painful and financially draining. They need an experienced guide to help them through the intricacies of the Family Law maze. With 38 years practicing in the family law sector I am such a guide. After thousands of cases I can't say that I've seen every controversy that a dissolved relationship can produce but I can say if I haven't seen it before it may be a first occurrence.

Personal Injury

Products Liability

Wills and Estates

Areas of Law

  • Criminal
  • Domestic
  • Divorce
  • Equitable Distribution of Marital Property
  • Spousal Support
  • Alimony Pendente Lite
  • Wills and Estates.
  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Protection from Abuse
  • Personal Injury
  • Products Liability

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