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Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP is a New York City law firm whose practice is focused on complex civil and class action litigation, including securities litigation, antitrust litigation, and consumer class actions as well as shareholder derivative suits involving issues of corporate governance. Our firm's dedication to our clients has earned us an excellent reputation among our peers and adversaries.

Statement of Practice

Shareholder Merger Litigation; Shareholder Derivative Litigation; Securities Litigation; Portfolio Monitoring Program; Consumer Litigation; Antitrust Litigation; Wage and Hour Litigation.

Year Established: 1995

Firm Size: 29


369 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor
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369 Lexington Avenue, 10th Floor
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Los Angeles, California: 10866 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1470, 90024. Telephone: 424-256-2884. Fax: 424-256-2885.

Wilmington, Delaware: 20 Montchanin Road, Suite 145, 19807

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania: 101 Greenwood Avenue Suite 600, 19046. Telephone: 215-277-5770. Fax: 215-277-5771.

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Office: 101 Greenwood Avenue Suite 600, 19046. Telephone: 215-277-5770. Fax: 215-277-5771.

Los Angeles, California Office: 10866 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 1470, 90024. Telephone: 424-256-2884. Fax: 424-256-2885.

Wilmington, Delaware Office: 20 Montchanin Rd. Suite 145, 19807. Telephone: 302-482-3182. Fax: 302-482-3612.


Nadeem Faruqi (Managing Partner) born Karachi, Pakistan, November 6, 1959; admitted to bar, 1988, New York. Education: McGill University (B.S., 1981); Schulich School of Business, York University (M.B.A., 1984); New York Law School (J.D., cum laude, 1987). Mr. Faruqi is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the firm. Mr. Faruqi oversees all aspects of the firm’s practice areas. Mr. Faruqi has acted as sole lead or co-lead counsel in many notable class or derivative action cases, such as: In re Olsten Corp. Secs. Litig., C.A. No. 97-CV-5056 (E.D.N.Y.) (recovered $25 million dollars for class members); In re PurchasePro, Inc., Secs. Litig., Master File No. CV-S-01-0483 (D. Nev. 2001) ($24.2 million dollars recovery on behalf of the class in securities fraud action); In re Avatex Corp. S’holders Litig., C.A. No. 16334-NC (Del. Ch. 1999) (established certain new standards for preferred shareholders rights); Dennis v. Pronet, Inc., C.A. No. 96-06509 (Tex. Dist. Ct.) (recovered over $15 million dollars on behalf of shareholders); In re Tellium, Inc. Secs. Litig., C.A. No. 02-CV-5878 (D.N.J.) (class action settlement of $5.5 million); In re Tenet Healthcare Corp. Derivative Litig., Lead Case No. 01098905 (Cal. Sup. Ct. 2002) (achieved a $51.5 million benefit to the corporation in derivative litigation).

Upon graduation from law school, Mr. Faruqi was associated with a large corporate legal department in New York. In 1988, he became associated with Kaufman Malchman Kirby & Squire, specializing in shareholder litigation, and in 1992, became a member of that firm. While at Kaufman Malchman Kirby & Squire, Mr. Faruqi served as one of the trial counsel for plaintiff in Gerber v. Computer Assocs. Int’l, Inc., 91-CV-3610 (E.D.N.Y. 1991). Mr. Faruqi actively participated in cases such as: Colaprico v. Sun Microsystems, No. C-90-20710 (N.D. Cal. 1993) (recovery in excess of $5 million on behalf of the shareholder class); In re Jackpot Secs. Enters., Inc. Secs. Litig., CV-S-89-805 (D. Nev. 1993) (recovery in excess of $3 million on behalf of the shareholder class); In re Int’l Tech. Corp. Secs. Litig., CV 88-440 (C.D. Cal. 1993) (recovery in excess of $13 million on behalf of the shareholder class); and In re Triangle Inds., Inc. S’holders Litig., C.A. No. 10466 (Del. Ch. 1990) (recovery in excess of $70 million).

Mr. Faruqi earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from McGill University, Canada (B.Sc. 1981), his Master of Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada (MBA 1984) and his law degree from New York Law School (J.D., cum laude, 1987). Mr. Faruqi was Executive Editor of New York Law School’s Journal of International and Comparative Law. He is the author of “Letters of Credit: Doubts As To Their Continued Usefulness,” Journal of International and Comparative Law, 1988. He was awarded the Professor Ernst C. Stiefel Award for Excellence in Comparative, Common and Civil Law by New York Law School in 1987.


Letters of Credit: Doubts As To Their Continued Usefulness, Journal of International and Comparative Law - New York Law School, 1988


Professor Ernst C. Stiefel Award for Excellence in Comparative, Common and Civil Law - New York Law School, 1987. Reported Cases: Cases: 06/29/2015; 8x8 Inc. (EGHT); 10/04/2011; Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc. (PPDI) Practice Areas: Stockholders Derivative; Class Actions; Commercial Litigation.Email: Nadeem Faruqi

Lubna M. Faruqi (Managing Partner) born Karachi, Pakistan, December 25, 1958; admitted to bar, 1984, Ontario; 1988, New York. Education: McGill University Law School (B.C.L., 1980); McGill University Law School (LL.B., 1981). Ms. Faruqi is Co-Founder of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP. Ms. Faruqi is involved in all aspects of the firm’s practice. Ms. Faruqi has actively participated in numerous cases in federal and state courts which have resulted in significant recoveries for shareholders.

Ms. Faruqi was involved in litigating the successful recovery of $25 million to class members in In re Olsten Corp. Secs. Litig., C.A. No. 97-CV-5056 (E.D.N.Y.). She helped to establish certain new standards for preferred shareholders in Delaware in In re Avatex Corp. S’holders Litig., C.A. No. 16334-NC (Del. Ch. 1999). Ms. Faruqi was also lead attorney in In re Mitcham Indus., Inc. Secs. Litig., Master File No. H-98-1244 (S.D. Tex. 1998), where she successfully recovered $3 million on behalf of class members despite the fact that the corporate defendant was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy.

Upon graduation from law school, Ms. Faruqi worked with the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Bureau of Anti-Trust, the Federal Government of Canada. In 1987, Ms. Faruqi became associated with Kaufman Malchman Kirby & Squire, specializing in shareholder litigation, where she actively participated in cases such as: In re Triangle Inds., Inc. S’holders Litig., C.A. No. 10466 (Del. Ch. 1990) (recovery in excess of $70 million); Kantor v. Zondervan Corp., C.A. No. 88 C5425 (W.D. Mich. 1989) (recovery of $3.75 million on behalf of shareholders); and In re A.L. Williams Corp. S’holders Litig., C.A. No. 10881 (Del. Ch. 1990) (recovery in excess of $11 million on behalf of shareholders).

Ms. Faruqi graduated from McGill University Law School at the age of twenty-one with two law degrees: Bachelor of Civil Law (B.C.L.) (1980) and a Bachelor of Common Law (L.L.B.) (1981).

Practice Areas: Stockholders Derivative; Class Actions; Commercial Litigation; Consumer Class Actions; Antitrust.Email: Lubna M. Faruqi

Richard W. Gonnello (Partner) admitted to bar, 2000, New York. Education: Rutgers University, Newark (B.A., Phi Beta Kappa, 1995); UCLA School of Law (J.D., 1998). Richard W. Gonnello is a partner in the Firm’s New York office.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Gonnello was a partner at Entwistle & Cappucci LLP and an associate at Latham & Watkins LLP. Mr. Gonnello has represented institutional and individual investors in obtaining substantial recoveries in numerous class actions, including In re Royal Ahold Sec. Litig., No. 03-md-01539 (D. Md. 2003) ($1.1 billion) and In re Tremont Securities Law, State Law and Insurance Litigation, No. 08-cv-11117 (S.D.N.Y. 2011) ($100 million+). Mr. Gonnello has also obtained favorable recoveries for institutional investors pursuing direct securities fraud claims, including cases against Qwest Communications International, Inc. ($175 million+) and Tyco Int’l Ltd ($21 million).

Mr. Gonnello has co-authored the following articles: "'Staehr’ Hikes Burden of Proof to Place Investor on Inquiry Notice, "New York Law Journal, December 15, 2008; and "Potential Securities Fraud: 'Storm Warnings' Clarified," New York Law Journal, October 23, 2008.

Mr. Gonnello graduated summa cum laude from Rutgers University in 1995, where he was named Phi Beta Kappa. He received his law degree from UCLA School of Law (J.D. 1998), and was a member of the UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy.


"'Staehr' Hikes Burden of Proof to Place Investor on Inquiry Notice," New York Law Journal, December 15, 2008.

"Potential Securities Fraud: 'Storm Warnings' Clarified," New York Law Journal, October 23, 2008.


Biota Pharmaceuticals, inc. (BOTA)

Lihua International, Inc. (LIWA) Reported Cases: Cases: 07/01/2015; Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC); 06/29/2015; 3D Systems Corporation (DDD); 06/26/2015; Iconix Brand Group, Inc. (ICON); 06/26/2015; Solazyme, Inc. (SZYM); 06/12/2015; China Finance Online Co., Ltd. (JRJC); 06/12/2015; Toshiba (OTC: TOSYY, TOSBF); 06/12/2015; Revance Therapeutics, Inc. (RVNC); 06/10/2015; SandRidge Mississippian Trust I (SDT) & Trust II (SDR); 06/09/2015; Xunlei Limited (XNET); 05/22/2015; Vipshop Holdings Limited (VIPS); 05/22/2015; CHC Group Ltd. (HELI); 05/22/2015; IsoRay, Inc. (ISR); 05/14/2015; Etsy, Inc. (ETSY); 05/12/2015; Endurance International Group Holdings, Inc. (EIGI); 05/12/2015; Trinity Industries Inc. (TRN); 05/12/2015; AudioEye, Inc. (AEYE); 05/12/2015; ForceField Energy Inc. (FNRG); 05/11/2015; Cellular Biomedicine Group, Inc. (CBMG); 05/11/2015; Ampio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMPE); 05/11/2015; Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AERI); 05/11/2015; Boulder Brands, Inc. 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Juan E. Monteverde (Partner) born 1979; admitted to bar, New York; Southern District of New York; Eastern District of New York; 7th Circuit, US Court of Appeals; Eastern District of Wisconsin; District of Colorado; Western District of New York. Education: California State University of Northridge (B.S.); St. Thomas University School of Law (J.D., cum laude). Juan E. Monteverde is a partner at Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP.

Mr. Monteverde has concentrated his legal career advocating shareholder rights. Mr. Monteverde regularly handles high profile merger cases seeking to maximize shareholder value and has recovered damages and improved merger transactions in the process. In re Orchard Enterprises, Inc. Stockholder Litigation, C.A. No. 7840-VCL (Del. Ch. 2014) (obtaining as co-lead counsel $10.725 million post-close cash settlement); In Re Harleysville Group, Inc. S’holders Litigation, C.A. 6907-VCP (Del. Ch. 2014)(obtaining significant disclosures for stockholders pre-close and securing valuable relief post close in the form of an Anti-Flip Provision providing former stockholders with 25% of any profits in a Qualifying Sale); In re Cogent, Inc. Shareholders Litigation, Consol. C.A. No. 5780-VCP (Del. Ch. 2013) (obtaining as co-lead counsel post-close cash settlement of $1.9 million); In re International Coal Group, Inc., Shareholders Litigation, No. 6464-VCP (Del. Ch. 2011) (securing a reduction in the Termination Fee of $10 million and obtaining additional material disclosures regarding the Company’s financial projections).

Mr. Monteverde has also broken new ground when it comes to challenging proxies related to compensation issues post Dodd-Frank Act for not providing accurate disclosure required for shareholders to cast informed votes. Knee v. Brocade Comm’ns Sys., Inc., No. 1-12-CV-220249, slip op. at 2 (Cal. Super. Ct. Santa Clara Cnty. Apr. 10, 2012) (Kleinberg, J.) (enjoining the 2012 shareholder vote because certain information relating to projected executive compensation (as related to an equity plan share increase that had a potential dilutive effect on shareholders) was not properly disclosed in the proxy statement).

Mr. Monteverde has written articles regarding executive compensation and also speaks regularly at ABA, PLI and other conferences regarding merger litigation or executive compensation issues.

Mr. Monteverde has been selected by Super Lawyers as a 2013 New York Metro Rising Star.


Mr. Monteverde is Featured to Speak at the 21st Annual NASPP Conference in Washington, D.C.

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Mr. Monteverde Speaks to Industry Leaders about Executive Compensation Disclosure & Litigation

Mr. Monteverde Discusses the Changing Landscape in Proxy Litigation at the Barney & Barney D&O Seminar in San Diego

Mr. Monteverde is a Panel Speaker at the Practising Law Institute Lecture on Trends in Merger Litigation in San Francisco

Mr. Monteverde Discusses his Article Arguing for Greater Say-on-Pay Transparency at Corporate Counsel CLE Seminar in Fort Lauderdale

Mr. Monteverde is a panel speaker in the session for “Don’t Get Caught in the Past” at the 2011 Corporate Counsel CLE Seminar in Naples, Florida, discussing the current corporate governance developments in the mergers and acquisitions law practice and new

Mr. Monteverde teaches a New York CLE course regarding the financial and legal fundamentals underlying the valuation of mergers and acquisitions of publicly traded companies, Valuation Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions


Mr. Monteverde has been selected by Super Lawyers as a 2013 New York Metro Rising Star. Reported Cases: Cases: 07/02/2015; Health Net Inc. (HNT); 07/01/2015; Gramercy Property Trust Inc. (GPT); 07/01/2015; The Chubb Corporation (CB); 06/30/2015; Towers Watson & Co. (TW); 06/22/2015; Martha Stewart Living (MSO); 06/22/2015; Home Properties, Inc. (HME); 06/18/2015; Lumenis Ltd. (LMNS); 06/17/2015; KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (KYTH); 06/16/2015; Metalico, Inc. (MEA); 06/15/2015; Ryland Group, Inc. (RYL); 06/15/2015; Dealertrack Technologies, Inc. (TRAK); 06/10/2015; HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. (HCC); 06/04/2015; Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. (BRLI); 06/04/2015; Naugatuck Valley Financial Corporation (NVSL); 06/02/2015; OM Group Inc. (OMG); 06/01/2015; Altera Corporation (ALTR); 05/28/2015; Rally Software Development Corporation (RALY); 05/28/2015; Broadcom Corporation (BRCM); 05/27/2015; SFX Entertainment Inc. (SFXE); 05/26/2015; Geeknet, Inc. 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(TEA); 11/13/2012; Titanium Metals Corporation (TIE); 11/12/2012; Jefferies Group, Inc. (JEF); 11/12/2012; CreXus Investment Corp. (CXS); 11/09/2012; KAYAK Software Corporation (KYAK); 11/08/2012; DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (DUSA); 11/05/2012; KBW, Inc. (KBW); 11/05/2012; Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc. (MDF); 11/02/2012; Schiff Nutrition International, Inc. (SHF); 11/02/2012; Williams Controls Inc. (WMCO) Practice Areas: Shareholder Rights.Email: Juan E. Monteverde

Antonio Vozzolo (Partner) admitted to bar, 1998, New Jersey; 1999, New York. Education: Fairleigh Dickinson University (B.Sc., cum laude, 1992); Fairleigh Dickinson University (M.B.A., 1995); Brooklyn Law School (J.D., 1998). Antonio Vozzolo is a partner in Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP's New York office.

Mr. Vozzolo was one of the primary counsel responsible for prosecuting In re PurchasePro, Inc., Secs. Litig., Master File No. CV-S-01-0483 (D. Nev. 2001), a case against the officers and directors of PurchasePro.com as well as AOL Time Warner, Inc., America On-Line, Inc., and Time Warner, Inc., for federal securities laws violations, culminating in a $24.2 million settlement.

Mr. Vozzolo's other notable cases are Thomas v. Global Vision Products, Case No. RG-03091195 (Cal. Super. Ct., Alameda Cty.) (representing certified class of California consumers for false and misleading advertising claims regarding Avacor hair restoration product; $37 million jury verdict for the first trial, $50 million jury verdict for separate trial against two of the remaining directors and officers); In re: HP Power-Plug Litigation, Case No. 06-1221 (N.D. Cal.) (representing a proposed nationwide class of persons who purchased defective laptops; cash payment up to $650.00, or in the alternative, a repair free-of-charge); Delre v. Hewlett-Packard Co., C.A. No. 3232-02 (N.J. Super. Ct. 2002) (representing a proposed nationwide class of persons for false and misleading advertising claims regarding capabilities of model 100i DVD writers; recovery included replacement of the 100i writer with upgraded, second generation 200i DVD writer and a refund of the $99 defendant had previously charged consumers to upgrade from the 100i to the 200i).

Mr. Vozzolo graduated, cum laude, from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), where he was on the Dean's List, and with a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.) in 1995. He is a graduate of Brooklyn Law School (J.D. 1998). Mr. Vozzolo served as an intern to the Honorable Ira Gammerman of the New York Supreme Court and the New York Stock Exchange while attending law school.


The NY Times: Whirlpool Wants Congress to Ban Class-Action Suits Tied to Energy Star Program

ABC NEWS: Samsung Refrigerator Energy Star Cass Action Lawsuit Advances Reported Cases: Cases: 11/17/2011 Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited (AEM) 11/17/2011 China Automotive Systems, Inc. (CAAS) 11/17/2011 CNinsure Inc. (CISG) 11/17/2011 JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (JKS) 11/17/2011 HCA Holdings, Inc. (HCA) 11/17/2011 MF Global Holdings Ltd. (MFGLQ.PK) 11/17/2011 Olympus Corporation (OCPNY.PK) 11/17/2011 Diamond Foods, Inc. (DMND) 11/16/2011 CIBER, Inc. (CBR) 10/28/2011 Suffolk Bancorp (SUBK) 10/28/2011 K-V Pharmaceutical Company (KV-A) 10/27/2011 OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (OVTI) 10/21/2011 AgFeed Industries, Inc. (FEED) 10/14/2011 Stereotaxis, Inc. (STXS) 10/13/2011 Aeropostale, Inc. (ARO) 09/28/2011 Imperial Holdings, Inc. (IFT) 09/21/2011 Blue Coat Systems Inc. (BCSI) 09/20/2011 Sequans Communications S.A. (SQNS) 09/15/2011 Penson Worldwide, Inc. (PNSN) 09/15/2011 Ener1, Inc. (HEV) 09/13/2011 SinoTech Energy Limited (CTE) 09/06/2011 Miller Energy Resources, Inc. (MILL) Practice Areas: Federal and State Securities Laws; Fiduciary Duties of Corporate Officers and Directors.Email: Antonio Vozzolo

Adam Gonnelli (Partner) born Livingston, New Jersey, April 12, 1967; admitted to bar, 1998, New York. Education: Rutgers University, Newark (B.A., 1989); Cornell Law School (J.D., 1997). Mr. Gonnelli is a partner in Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP's New York office.

Since joining Faruqi & Faruqi, Mr. Gonnelli has concentrated his practice on wage and hour litigation, transaction litigation and consumer class actions. Representative cases include Garcia v. Lowe's, Cos., Inc., No. 841120 (Cal. Super. Ct.) (case to recover overtime pay for delivery drivers); In re NutraQuest, Inc., No. 06-202 (D.N.J.) (consumer fraud case against national diet supplement company); Wanzo v. Nextel Commc'ns, Inc., No. GIC 791626 (Cal. Sup. Ct.) (consumer case challenging change in nights and weekends plan); Rice v. Lafarge North America, No. 268974 (Md. Cir. Ct.) (merger case resulted in a benefit of $388 million); and In re Fox Entm't Group, Inc. S'holders Litig., No. 1033-N (Del. Ch. 2005) (benefit to shareholders of $450 million).

Mr. Gonnelli received a B.A. from Rutgers University (Newark) in 1989 and a J.D. from Cornell Law School in 1997. At Rutgers University, Mr. Gonnelli lettered in football and fencing and served as Student Government President. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Gonnelli was a Financial Writer at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where he wrote educational materials on international trade and monetary policy. While attending Cornell Law School, Mr. Gonnelli served as Editor-in-Chief of the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy and was a member of the Atlantic Regional Championship moot court team in the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (1997).


Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Announces Denial of Motion to Dismiss in Shop-Vac Consumer Case Reported Cases: Cases; 12/02/2011; David Lerner Associates, Inc. Practice Areas: Transaction Litigation; Consumer Class Actions.Email: Adam Gonnelli


Miles D. Schreiner (Associate) admitted to bar, 2012, New Jersey; 2013, New York. Education: Tulane University (B.A., cum laude, 2007); Brooklyn Law School (J.D., cum laude, 2012).

Miles Schreiner is an associate in the New York office of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP.

Mr. Schreiner graduated from Tulane University (B.A. in Political Science, cum laude, 2007) and Brooklyn Law School (J.D., cum laude, 2012). While at Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Schreiner was a Dean’s Merit Scholar and served as the Production Editor of the Brooklyn Law Review. His note, “A Deadly Combination: The Legal Response to America’s Prescription Drug Epidemic,” was selected as the winning submission in the 2012 American College of Legal Medicine Student Writing Competition and was published in Volume 33, Issue 4 of the Journal of Legal Medicine.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Schreiner gained experience in complex litigation as an associate at a New York City firm that represents plaintiffs in civil RICO actions. While in law school, Mr. Schreiner developed practical skills through internships with the Kings County Supreme Court Law Department, the Office of General Counsel at a major New York hospital, and a boutique law firm that specializes in international fraud cases.

Mr. Schreiner is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey

Email: Miles D. Schreiner

David Calvello (Associate) admitted to bar, New Jersey; New York. Education: University of Richmond (B.S., 2011); Pace Law School (J.D., magna cum laude, 2014). David Calvello is an Associate in Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP’s New York office where his focus is litigating Antitrust matters.

Prior to joining Faruqi & Faruqi, Mr. Calvello was as an Associate at Kaufman Borgeest & Ryan, LLP where he focused primarily on insurance coverage matters with respect to Directors & Officers (D&O), Errors & Omissions (E&O), and Professional Liability lines of coverage. In law school, Mr. Calvello served as associate editor on the Pace International Law Review and received the New Rochelle Bar Association Award upon graduation.

Mr. Calvello graduated from Pace Law School (J.D., magna cum laude, 2014) and from the University of Richmond (B.S., 2011) with a double major in Finance and Political Science.

Mr. Calvello is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey and is admitted to practice before the United States District Court for New Jersey.


New Rochelle Bar Association Award (2014)Email: David Calvello

Megan Sullivan (Associate) admitted to bar, 2012, New York. Education: University of California, Los Angeles (B.A., 2008); Brooklyn Law School (J.D., cum laude, 2011).

Megan Sullivan is an associate in the New York office of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Sullivan was a litigation associate at Crosby & Higgins LLP where she represented institutional and individual investors in securities arbitrations before FINRA and counseled corporate clients in commercial disputes in federal court. Additionally, Ms. Sullivan gained further litigation experience in law school through internships at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office and the Adjudication Division of the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.

Ms. Sullivan graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (B.A., History, 2008) and from Brooklyn Law School (J.D., cum laude, 2011). While at Brooklyn Law School, Ms. Sullivan served as Associate Managing Editor of the Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law.

Ms. Sullivan is licensed to practice law in the State of New York.

Email: Megan Sullivan

Elizabeth A. Silva (Associate) admitted to bar, 2013, New York. Education: Fordham University (B.A., cum laude, 2009 Phi Beta Kappa); New York Law School (J.D., magna cum laude, 2012). Elizabeth A. Silva is an associate in the New York office of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Silva was a litigation associate at Crosby & Higgins LLP where she represented institutional and individual investors in securities arbitrations before FINRA and counseled corporate clients in a variety of intellectual property and complex commercial disputes in federal court. Additionally, Ms. Silva gained further litigation experience in law school through internships at the Kings County District Attorney's Office and as a law clerk at a criminal defense firm.

Ms. Silva graduated in corsu honorum from Fordham University (B.A. in Comparative Literature and Italian Studies, cum laude, 2009) and New York Law School (J.D., magna cum laude, 2012). While at New York Law School, Ms. Silva served as a Notes and Comments Editor of the New York Law School Law Review and was an associate in the Institute for Information Law and Policy. Ms. Silva is licensed to practice law in the State of New York and is admitted to practice before the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. Reported Cases: Cases; 12/11/2013; In re Lidoderm Antitrust Litig., No. 14-2521 (N.D. Cal.); 06/07/2010; In re Prandin Direct Purchaser Antitrust Litigation, No. 10-cv-12141 (E.D. Mich.)Email: Elizabeth A. Silva

Innessa Sarah Melamed (Associate) admitted to bar, 2013, Connecticut; 2012, New York; New Jersey. Education: Pace Lubin School of Business (M.B.A., summa cum laude, 2011); Syracuse University (B.A., summa cum laude, 2007); Pace Law School (J.D., magna cum laude, 2011). Innessa Melamed is an associate in the New York office of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP and focuses her practice on shareholder merger and securities litigation.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Melamed practiced complex commercial and securities litigation at Gusrae Kaplan Nusbaum PLLC. Ms. Melamed, along with co-counsel, represented minority shareholders at trial in a derivative lawsuit captioned Lisa Romita v. Castle Oil Corp., et. al., Index No.: 53145/2011. Ms. Melamed was also an associate at Traub Lieberman Straus & Shrewsberry LLP, where she represented primary and excess insurance carriers in complex coverage disputes and insurance defense litigation. Additionally, Ms. Melamed gained further litigation experience in law school through internships at Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker, LLP and Citigroup’s Office of the General Counsel.

Ms. Melamed graduated from Syracuse University (B.A. in Political Science and International Relations, summa cum laude, 2007), Pace Law School (J.D., magna cum laude, 2011) and Pace Lubin School of Business (M.B.A. in Finance, summa cum laude, 2011).

Ms. Melamed is licensed to practice law in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and is admitted to practice before the United States District Courts for the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of New York and the District of New Jersey.Email: Innessa Sarah Melamed

Katherine M. Lenahan (Associate) admitted to bar, 2013, New York. Education: Fordham University (B.A., Political Science, magna cum laude, 2009); Fordham University School of Law (J.D., 2012).

Katherine M. Lenahan is an Associate in the New York office of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP and focuses her practice on securities litigation.

Prior to joining Faruqi & Faruqi, Ms. Lenahan practiced securities litigation at Entwistle & Cappucci LLP. Ms. Lenahan gained further experience through internships for the Honorable Sherry Klein Heitler, Administrative Judge for Civil Matters, First Judicial District, and the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.

Ms. Lenahan graduated from Fordham University (B.A., Political Science, magna cum laude, 2009) and Fordham University School of Law (J.D., 2012). While at Fordham Law School, Ms. Lenahan served as an associate editor of the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media and Entertainment Law Journal and was a fellow at the Center on Law and Information Policy.

Ms. Lenahan is licensed to practice law in New York.

Email: Katherine M. Lenahan

Christine Elizabeth Goodrich (Senior Associate) admitted to bar, 2012, New York; New Jersey. Education: Case Western Reserve University (B.S., 2007); Lubin School of Business (M.B.A., 2011); Pace Law School (J.D., 2011). Christine Goodrich is a Senior Associate in the New York office of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP.

Ms. Goodrich’s practice is focused in securities arbitration and litigation. Ms. Goodrich represents financial service professionals in the securities industry in employment-related disputes, regulatory matters, transition planning and succession planning. Ms. Goodrich also represents investors in disputes against their broker-dealers.

Prior to joining Faruqi & Faruqi, Ms. Goodrich was the resident partner in the New York office of Eccleston Law, LLC. Ms. Goodrich’s practice focused on representing financial service professionals and investors in the area of securities arbitration and litigation.

Ms. Goodrich earned her undergraduate degree at Case Western Reserve University (B.S., Business Management, 2007). Ms. Goodrich earned her Juris Doctor from Pace Law School (J.D. and International Law Certificate, 2011) and her Master in Business Administration from the Lubin School of Business (M.B.A., 2011).

Ms. Goodrich is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey and is admitted to practice before the United States District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

Ms. Goodrich is a member of the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association (PIABA), the New York City Bar Association (NYCBA) and the Financial Planning Association (FPA). Ms. Goodrich also serves on the Board of Directors of Case Western Reserve University’s New York Alumni Association, as well as the Allied Professionals Committee of the Financial Planning Association of New York. Ms. Goodrich has co-authored several articles for the Journal of Practical Management and Risk Compliance for the Securities Industry.


May-June 2013

An Analysis of the Potential Impact of a Uniform Fiduciary Standard Upon Broker-Dealers, Registered Investment Advisers, and Dually-Registered Advisers
January-February 2014

A Survey of Compliance Developments in the Securities Industry in 2013

January-February 2015

A New Era in Securities Supervision and Compliance DevelopmentsEmail: Christine Elizabeth Goodrich

Nina Varindani (Associate) admitted to bar, 2011, New York. Education: George Washington University (B.A., 2006); Pace Law School (J.D., 2010). Nina Varindani is an associate in the New York office of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP.

Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Varindani practiced commercial litigation at Milber Makris Plousadis & Seiden, LLP where she represented directors, officers and other professionals and corporations in complex commercial litigation in federal and state courts. Additionally, Ms. Varindani gained further litigation experience in law school through internships at Collen IP and the New York State Judicial Institute.

Ms. Varindani is licensed to practice law in New York and is admitted to practice before the United States District Courts for the Southern District of New York and the Eastern District of New York.

Ms. Varindani graduated from the George Washington University (B.A. in Psychology, 2006) and Pace Law School (J.D., 2010).Email: Nina Varindani

Cirong Kang (Associate) admitted to bar, 2015, New York; New Jersey. Education: Parsons The New School for Design (B.F.A., 2008); Pace Law School (J.D., cum laude, 2014). Cirong (Audrey) Kang is an Associate in the New York office of Faruqi & Faruqi where her practice focus is consumer law.

Prior to joining Faruqi & Faruqi, Ms. Kang was an associate at Kee & Lau-Kee, PLLC, where her practice focused on real estate and corporate law. While in law school, Ms. Kang interned at John Jay Legal Services, Inc., representing investors of modest means with potential securities arbitration claims, and was a research assistant to Professor Nicholas A. Robinson. She also interned at a commercial law practice in Singapore and a customs law and international trade law firm in New York City during her time in law school.

Ms. Kang graduated from Pace University School of Law (Juris Doctor, cum laude, 2014). She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Honors, Parsons the New School for Design (2008). She is licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.Email: Cirong Kang


James M. Wilson, Jr. (Senior Counsel) admitted to bar, 1992, New York; 1994, Georgia; United States District Courts for Middle and Northern Districts of Georgia, the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, and the Courts of Appeals for the Second and Eleventh Circuits. Education: Georgia State University (B.A., 1988); University of Georgia (J.D., 1991); New York University (LL.M., Tax Law, 1992).

James M. Wilson, Jr. is Senior Counsel in the New York office of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP and focuses his practice on shareholder merger and securities litigation. Prior to joining Faruqi & Faruqi, Mr. Wilson was a partner at Chitwood Harley Harnes, LLP, and a senior associate with Reed Smith, LLP. Mr. Wilson has represented institutional pension funds, corporations and individual investors in courts around the country and obtained significant recoveries, including the following securities class actions: In re ArthroCare Sec. Litig. No. 08-0574 (W.D. Tex.) ($74 million); In re Maxim Integrated Prod. Sec. Litig., No. 08-0832 (N.D.Cal.) ($173 million); In re TyCom Ltd. Sec. Litig., MDL No. 02-1335 (D.N.H.)($79 million); and In re Providian Fin. Corp. Sec. Litig., No. 01-3952 (N.D. Cal.). Mr. Wilson also has obtained significant relief for shareholders in merger suits, including the following: In re Zoran Corporation Shareholders Litig., No. 6212-VCP (Del. Chancery); and In re The Coca-Cola Company Shareholder Litigation, No. 10-182035 (Fulton County Superior Ct.).

Mr. Wilson has authored numerous articles addressing current developments including the following Expert Commentaries published by Lexis Nexis: The Liability Faced By Financial Institutions From Exposure To Subprime Mortgages; Losses Attributable To Sub-Prime Mortgages; The Supreme Court's Decision in Stoneridge Investment Partners, LLC v. Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. et al.; Derivative Suite by LLC Members in New York: Tzolis v. Wolff, 10 N.Y.3d 100 (Feb. 14, 2008).

Mr. Wilson obtained his undergraduate degree from Georgia State University (B.A. 1988), his law degree from the University of Georgia (J.D. 1991), and Masters in Tax Law from New York University (LL.M. 1992). He is licensed to practice law in Georgia and New York and is admitted to the United States District Courts for Middle and Northern Districts of Georgia, the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York, and the Courts of Appeals for the Second and Eleventh Circuits.

Email: James M. Wilson, Jr.

Adam Mitchell Steinfeld (Senior Counsel) born Albany, New York, May 31, 1972; admitted to bar, New York; Massachusetts; New Jersey. Education: Brandeis University (B.A., Politics, 1994); Brooklyn Law School (J.D., 1997). Adam Steinfeld is Senior Counsel in Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP’s New York office. He practices in the area of antitrust litigation with a focus on competition in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mr. Steinfeld has litigated successfully with significant contributions in In re Buspirone Patent & Antitrust Litigation, MDL No. 1410 (S.D.N.Y.) ($220M settlement); In re Cardizem CD Antitrust Litigation, No. 99-MD-1278 (E.D. Mich.) ($110M settlement); In re Relafen Antitrust Litigation, No. 01-12239 (D. Mass.) ($175M settlement); In re Remeron Direct Purchaser Antitrust Litigation, No. 03-cv-0085 (D.N.J.) ($75M settlement); In re Terazosin Hydrochloride Antitrust Litigation, No. 99-MDL-1317 (S.D. Fla.) ($72.5M settlement); In re Tricor Direct Purchaser Antitrust Litig., No. 05-340 (D. Del.) ($250M settlement); and Mylan Pharms., Inc. v. Warner Chilcott, No. 12-cv-3824 (E.D. Pa.) ($12 million settlement).

Prior to joining Faruqi & Faruqi, Mr. Steinfeld was associated with Grant and Eisenhofer, P.A. (2011-2015) and a partner at Garwin, Gerstein and Fisher, LLP, New York (1997-2009).

Mr. Steinfeld is the author of Nuclear Objections: The Persistent Objector and the Legality of the Use of Nuclear Weapons, 62 Brooklyn L. Rev. 1635 (winter, 1996).

Mr. Steinfeld received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School (J.D., 1997) where he was an editor on the Brooklyn Law Review and received several academic awards. Mr. Steinfeld is a member of the bars of the States of New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts; and is admitted to practice before the United States District Courts for the District of New Jersey, Eastern District of New York, Southern District of New York, and Western District of New York. Mr. Steinfeld graduated from Brandeis University (B.A., Politics, 1994).


Nuclear Objections: The Persistent Objector and the Legality of the Use of Nuclear Weapons, 62 Brooklyn L. Rev. 1635 (winter, 1996) Practice Areas: Securities; Antitrust; Consumer Law; Class Actions.Email: Adam Mitchell Steinfeld

Julie K. Pope (Senior Counsel) admitted to bar, 1998, New York. Education: Brigham Young University (B.S. in Business Management, cum laude, 1994); Cornell University (J.D., 1997).

Julie K. Pope is Senior Counsel in Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP’s New York office and focuses her practice on transactional litigation.

Prior to joining Faruqi & Faruqi, Ms. Pope was an associate in the Asset Finance Group at Thelen Reid & Priest, LLP and the Asset Finance Department at Linklaters. Ms. Pope represented corporate and government entities in the roles of lessee, head lessor, lender, payment undertaker, equity strip collateral provider and financial guaranty insurance policy provider in a variety of leasing transactions involving assets such as aircraft, light rail vehicles, rail equipment and qualified technological equipment. Ms. Pope drafted, reviewed and negotiated participation agreements, equipment leases, loan and security agreements, payment undertaking agreements, financial guaranty insurance policies, opinion letters and other documents to implement unique and complex leveraged leasing transactions.

Ms. Pope graduated from Brigham Young University (B.S., Business Management, 1994) and Cornell Law School (J.D., Concentration in Business Law and Regulation, Specialization in International Legal Affairs, 1997). While attending Cornell Law School, Ms. Pope was an editor of the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy and a member of the 1997 Atlantic Regional Championship moot court team in the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

Ms. Pope is licensed to practice law in New York.

Practice Areas: Business; Finance.Email: Julie K. Pope

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