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Civil Litigation and Transactional Law

Experienced representation for individuals and businesses

Lexington attorney James M. Francis at Francis Law Office PLLC offers his clients sound advice and valuable legal representation in several areas of law of interest to businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Having worked for a Fortune 250 company for 17 years and two large regional law firms in their Lexington and Louisville offices, Jim has significant experience inside and outside of the boardroom and courtroom in litigation, transactions, and intellectual property. As a patent and trademark attorney he has represented clients ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to business start-ups. Jim's experience both in large law firms and as a small firm practitioner also includes business transactions and pre-merger due diligence projects ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of millions dollars involving software companies, accounting firms, mines, and horse farms as well as traditional brick and mortar operations,. Jim's background in the business world and in product development is well suited to protecting your company and minimizing the risk of doing business with a unique understanding of cradle-to-grave product life cycle issues. Jim's technical background in manufacturing, engineering, and chemistry provides a solid background and attention to detail that is well suited to analyzing and understanding complex cause-and-effect relationships while maximizing recovery in personal injury and products liability cases.

Jim represents businesses and individuals throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky including Lexington, Louisville, Georgetown, Morehead, Nicholasville, Richmond, Winchester, Versailles, and Mount Sterling, Kentucky. Through strategic relationships with other small to mid-size law firms run by highly skilled attorneys, we can even rapidly assemble litigation and transactional teams to offer large law firm solutions without the large law firm marble floors, no high-rent office suites atop the tallest buildings in Kentucky, just sound advice for a reasonable fee. We can help you resolve your personal legal matters and can help you protect and grow your business.

Big firm experience and credentials...with a personal touch

We offer you the same resources, skills and experience often found at larger firms, but also the personal attention you deserve. Working with us provides many benefits:

- Extensive litigation experience - Working for two of the largest law firms in Kentucky, Jim gained a wide range of experience litigating a wide variety of cases ranging from personal injury to patent infringement. He has significant experience in courts throughout Kentucky and has litigated matters in US District Courts (federal court) from California to Texas to Florida.

- Legal skill combined with business and scientific acumen - With 17 years of experience in the corporate world and years of experience in large and small law firms, Jim can help you with a variety of legal matters ranging from civil litigation involving breach of contract, personal injury, and more. Jim can also advise you regarding business law issues, such as mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling businesses, software & computer law, privacy law, licensing, and business formation. He often advises entrepreneurs on successfully starting and running a new business. He stays current on changing technology and applies his knowledge to help his intellectual property clients. His personal injury clients benefit from his technical background in engineering and chemistry. His keen attention to detail and ability to see hidden legal issues other attorneys may not notice is one reason why most of his personal injury cases and litigation matters are referrals from other attorneys. Whatever your intellectual property, business or litigation matter, we can help you resolve it successfully.

- Affordable legal services - Our fees are reasonable, and we offer you large law firm experience for your business and intellectual property legal issues as well as innovative approaches and keen insight to resolving personal injury and product liability claims.

  • Advertising and Labeling
  • Advertising Law
  • False Advertising
  • Competition
  • Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Price-Fixing
  • Unfair Trade
  • Biomedical Technology
  • Biotechnology Licensing
  • Business Law
  • Business Dissolutions
  • Business Enterprises
  • Business Formation
  • Business Fraud
  • Business Litigation
  • Business Start-Ups
  • Business Torts
  • Business Transactions
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Buying and Selling of Businesses
  • Entrepreneurial Business Law
  • Joint Ventures
  • Limited Liability Company Law
  • Professional Practices
  • Small Business Law
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial Torts
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Computer Contracts
  • Computer Crime
  • Computer Fraud
  • Computer Law
  • Computer Security
  • Computer Software Law
  • Computer Technology
  • Data Protection
  • Information Technology
  • Information Technology Contracts
  • Information Technology Licensing
  • Software Copyright
  • Software Licensing
  • Software Protection
  • Consumer Protection
  • Consumer Rights
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Copyright Licensing
  • Copyright Litigation
  • Copyright Prosecution
  • Copyright Protection
  • Copyright Registration
  • International Copyright Law
  • Corporate Commercial Law
  • Corporate Contracts
  • Corporate Formation
  • Incorporation
  • Professional Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Small Business Corporations
  • Takeovers
  • Entertainment Contracts
  • Entertainment Law
  • Entertainment Litigation
  • Music Copyright
  • Music Licensing
  • False Claims Act
  • Qui Tam Litigation
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Artistic Property
  • Chemical Intellectual Property
  • Electrical Intellectual Property
  • Electronic Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement
  • Intellectual Property Infringement
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
  • Intellectual Property Procurement
  • Intellectual Property Prosecution
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • International Intellectual Property
  • International Licensing
  • Literary Property
  • Mechanical Intellectual Property
  • Medical Intellectual Property
  • Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property
  • Piracy
  • Proprietary Rights
  • Protection of Personality
  • Technology Export
  • Content Licensing
  • Cybersquatting
  • Domain Name Infringement
  • E-Commerce
  • Internet Licensing
  • Internet Litigation
  • Covenants Not To Compete
  • Employment Breach of Contract
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Defamation
  • Libel and Slander
  • Libel Defense
  • Media Libel
  • Civil Litigation
  • Complex Litigation
  • Coal Mining
  • Mineral Law
  • Mineral Rights
  • Mineral Title
  • Patents
  • Biochemical-Patents
  • Biotechnology Patent Prosecution
  • Biotechnology Patents
  • Business Method Patents
  • Chemical Patent Prosecution
  • Chemical Patents
  • Computer and Software Patents
  • Computer Architecture Patents
  • Design Patents
  • Electro-Mechanical Patents
  • International Patents
  • Internet Patents
  • Mechanical Patent Prosecution
  • Mechanical Patents
  • Medical Patents
  • Patent Application
  • Patent Infringement
  • Patent Interference Practice
  • Patent Licensing
  • Patent Litigation
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Patent Protection
  • Pharmaceutical Patent Prosecution
  • Pharmaceutical Patents
  • Accidents
  • Automobile Accidents and Injuries
  • Bodily Injury
  • Brain Injury
  • Commercial Vehicle Liability
  • Electrical Injury
  • Head Injury
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Pedestrian Injuries
  • Plaintiffs Personal Injury
  • Slip and Fall
  • Spinal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Information and Privacy
  • Privacy and Publicity
  • Right of Privacy
  • Right of Publicity
  • All Terrain Vehicle Products Liability
  • Automotive Design Liability
  • Automotive Products Liability
  • Automotive Warranty Law
  • Biomedical Products Liability
  • Breach of Warranty
  • Chemical Explosions
  • Chemical Products Liability
  • Drug
  • Medical Device Litigation
  • Food Products Liability
  • Industrial Products Liability
  • Manufacturers Liability
  • Product Defects
  • Product Safety
  • Product Warning Labels
  • Warranty Law
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Medical Device Regulation
  • Civil RICO
  • Chemistry
  • Coating Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Materials Sciences
  • Medical Technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Petroleum Chemistry
  • Polymers
  • Technical Litigation
  • Technology Contracts
  • Technology Joint Ventures
  • Technology Law
  • Technology Licensing
  • Technology Protection
  • Technology Transfers
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Theft of Trade Secrets
  • Trade Secret Misappropriation
  • Counterfeiting
  • International Trademarks
  • Internet Trademarks
  • Lanham Act
  • Trade Dress
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Trademark Litigation
  • Trademark Prosecution
  • Trademark Protection
  • Trademark Registration
  • Truck Accidents
  • Unfair Competition
  • Trademarks.

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