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About This Firm

About This Firm
The Carlson Law Firm

When it comes to situations involving personal injury, bankruptcy, family law or criminal defense, our firm can provide for your legal needs. At The Carlson Law Firm, we are here for you to meet whatever legal need you may encounter. As a broad-based law firm, we are able to meet your specific needs in any legal challenge. Our firm has 10 locations across the state of Texas. With more than 20 attorneys, private investigators and registered nurses on staff, we are confident that our firm can completely help you through your situation.

We have the resources and statewide reach to meet the needs of clients in a range of legal matters throughout Killeen, Temple, Waco and surrounding areas of Texas. In addition to experienced staff, our firm has developed strong relationships with some of the most knowledgeable experts in various fields that relate to your case. Our previous experiences can be used to benefit your case and bring about a solution to your legal issue at hand.

Exceptional Legal Representation in Texas

If you need an attorney for an injury, bankruptcy or just about any other legal situation, our firm can provide exceptional legal representation and signature costumer service to all those we work with toward a solid case resolution. It is important to have an experienced lawyer fighting for your rights. We have the knowledge and dedication that can used to profit your case. At The Carlson Law Firm, we respond quickly when an accident victim or criminally charged individual calls our office. We can offer our clients a variety of answers after they have experienced an injury or devastating incident of any kind.

Awards and Accolades

Our firm's lawyers Daniel Christenson and L Todd Kelly were both selected as Texas Super Lawyers® for a number of years. In addition to being named as a Super Lawyer for three years, our attorney Daniel Christenson is AV® Peer Rated. In addition, attorney Craig Carlson is a member of Association Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (APITLA). Both attorneys Craig Carlson and L. Todd Kelley are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Since the year 1976, our firm has been helping clients in a variety of ways.

When it comes to the cases we take on, our firm strives to help everyone that walks through our office doors. At The Carlson Law Firm, our attorneys want to help clients who are struggling through a difficult situation. We understand the devastating power that legal issues such as accidents and divorce law cases can be in any situation. It is our firm's hope that we can assist you in any way possible. Our firm's primary desire is to ease your stress, worry and confusion in this situation. No matter what your situation involves, from DUIs to military divorce disputes, one of our attorneys from The Carlson Law Firm is available to help you get the defense you need. Contact our firm today to schedule an appointment in Killeen, Temple, Waco, Bryan or Laredo.

Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorneys

Trustworthiness is one of the key characteristics you need in an attorney. If you are in need of legal representation, you want to be confident in your choice. So why place your trust in the attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm? For one, our lawyers have been nationally recognized for excellence in the legal field. Attorneys Daniel Christensen and Bruce Phillips are Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS). The TBLS offers this rigorous examination to distinguish a higher class of lawyer. According to TBLS, Board Certified attorneys are the only attorneys who have earned the right to be called specialists in their field of practice. Less than ten percent of Texas attorneys have been Board Certified.

Daniel Christensen and L. Todd Kelly of the firm have also been included in the list of Texas Super Lawyers®, a legal designation to which only the top five percent of total lawyers in the state of Texas are selected. Daniel Christensen, L. Todd Kelly and R. Bruce Phillips have been AV® Peer Review Rated on Martindale-Hubbell®. Attorneys who have been AV® Rated are those that have demonstrated a high level of professionalism and ethics in their field of practice. It is the goal of our firm to provide high-quality representation to each client uniquely. Whatever your legal need, you can be confident that The Carlson Law Firm will deliver effective, aggressive and skillful representation you can trust.

The Carlson Law Firm provides legal representation in five distinct areas of practice: personal injury, medical malpractice, bankruptcy, family law and criminal defense. Each of these practices areas are led by attorneys skilled and experienced in their particular field. Our personal injury attorneys fight aggressively for maximum financial compensation in cases both large and small. We represent individuals who have been injured by the negligent and careless actions of others in cases such as car accidents, premises liability and wrongful death. We also represent clients against doctors and medical facilities in the event of medical malpractice such as surgical errors and misdiagnosis. Our bankruptcy practice handles all types of legal debt solutions. Our family law practice aims to successfully resolve divorce, separation, custody and other types of family legal issues. Our criminal defense lawyers are skilled in both felony and misdemeanor defense cases and have the trial skills to bring cases to a successful resolution. Discuss your case with The Carlson Law Firm to see how we could help.

Offices in Killeen, Temple and Waco, TX

Another key benefit of working with The Carlson Law Firm is our variety of office locations. We serve the residents of Texas from office locations in Killeen, Temple, Waco, Round Rock, Bryan and Laredo. These multiple locations make it convenient for anyone to get in touch with our firm. To visit one of our offices, simply call and schedule a consultation with us! Since 1976, The Carlson Law Firm has been serving the residents of Texas. Our roots in the community run deep and so does our passion for the injured, the criminally accused, those who are struggling financially and those that may be faced with family legal issues.

Trusted Personal Injury Attorneys

One of The Carlson Law Firm's areas of emphasis is personal injury. We have a passion for those who have been injured and victimized, and always fight to see that we recover maximum financial compensation on their behalf. In fact, we have been able to recover millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. To learn more about the successful personal injury cases our firm has handled, view our case results. Our personal injury lawyers are uniquely skilled to handle these types of cases. For one, two of our attorneys have been Board Certified in the area of Personal Injury Trial Law by the TBLS. This not only means that The Carlson Law Firm has personal injury specialists on staff, but it also means that these attorneys possess trial skills. If your personal injury case goes to trial, you need an attorney who will be ready. Personal injury attorneys at our firm have also received AV Preeminent™ Ratings on Martindale-Hubbell®. This is the highest possible peer review rating of its kind, and indicates that these attorneys have exceptional legal knowledge, ability and experience.

Choose The Carlson Law Firm!

At The Carlson Law Firm, we have benefited from the experience and skills of our wide range of attorneys. We are dedicated to protecting the communities of Temple, Waco, Killeen, Bryan and Laredo, and are also involved in other ways. Some of our team members are authors, lecturers, speakers and authorities in the legal community. Our passion is helping clients know that we can protect their rights and can do everything in our power to bring about a profitable resolution. We encourage you to take every necessary step to obtain the assistance of a legal representative who is dedicated to service and protecting your rights. Get in touch with us today or schedule an appointment at our Killeen office, located at:

400 West Jasper Drive, Killeen, Texas 76542

Contact our Texas law firm today for further information on how we can help you. Initial case evaluations come at no obligation to you, so you have nothing to lose by calling us today to discuss your case with one of our skilled attorneys.

Practice Area
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Criminal Defense
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Family Law
  • Military Law
  • Accutane Litigation
  • Admiralty and Maritime Law
  • Admiralty Law
  • Boat Manufacturing Liability
  • Cruise Ship Injuries
  • Diving and Offshore Injuries
  • Jones Act
  • Marine Law
  • Marine Liability
  • Marine Oil Spills
  • Marine Pollution
  • Maritime Accidents
  • Maritime Contracts
  • Maritime Criminal Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Maritime Personal Injury
  • Maritime Products Liability
  • Maritime Property Damage
  • Shipyard Litigation
  • Airbag Injury
  • Ambien
  • Animal Law
  • Animal Rights
  • Canine Law
  • Equine Law
  • Veterinary Law
  • Veterinary Malpractice
  • Assault
  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Airplane Crash Litigation
  • Airport Law
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Aviation Liability
  • Aviation Litigation
  • Aviation Products Liability
  • Helicopter Crash Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 7
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 11
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 12
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 13
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Commercial Bankruptcy
  • Commercial Foreclosure
  • Consumer Bankruptcy
  • Debtor Bankruptcy
  • Fraudulent Conveyance
  • Liquidations
  • Personal Bankruptcy
  • Children
  • Adoption Law
  • Child Abduction
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Child Custody
  • Child Custody Mediation
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Child Support
  • Fathers Rights
  • Grandparents Custody
  • Grandparents Visitation Rights
  • Independent Adoptions
  • Interstate Child Custody
  • Interstate Adoptions
  • Juvenile Criminal Law
  • Juvenile Law
  • Parental Rights
  • Parenting Time
  • Private Adoptions
  • Step Parent Adoptions
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Third Party Custody
  • Visitation Rights
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Family Law
  • Airbag Injury
  • Airplane Crash Litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 7
  • Bankruptcy Chapter 13
  • Personal Bankruptcy

Overall Client Rating

in Personal Injury, Family Law and Bankruptcy
4.5 out of 5.0
Communication Ability
Quality of Service
Value for Money
  • Data based on 23 reviews
  • Recommended by 13 Client(s)
  • Last reviewed on 03/17/16
Posted by a Consumer on 07/15/15
1.5 out of 5.0
This firm's primary interest is to have one of their "assistants" sign you up so that you are legally bound to them. Then they take their time to determine if they really want you as a client. They also want 40 percent of what they get for you. That is 10 percent higher than what most firms require on contingency.
Posted by a Consumer on 03/18/15
1.0 out of 5.0
I believe they were friends with thge Judge and or the oposeing Lawyer there were multiple things that would have made my case but my lawyer did not use. I was basically robbed and as a military person which was given no conderation either.
Posted by a Consumer on 04/05/14
1.0 out of 5.0
The legal assistant Monica, is a horrible human being. She is very unprofessional, and down right rude. She's hung up on me a few times when I asked her to leave a message for my lawyer and then never relayed the message to him. I told my lawyer two years ago that I refused to talk with this woman, and she is one of the reasons why I tried to leave this firm and move to another. For 10k, I thought I would at least be treated like a human being. This woman talks with so much attitude directed at you on the phone, her goal is to treat you this way and to make you feel like crap. I hastily signed the papers with this firm just so I could put them behind me. My final recommendation is to move on to another firm and to avoid the Carlson Law Firm, all it's offices in the Texas area, at all costs.
Posted by a Consumer on 10/01/13
1.0 out of 5.0
I had a terrible experience with Kathryn Knotts and Carlson Law Firm. I was rear ended last October. The day after the accident I woke up with back pain. I was advised to use an attorney and Carlson Law Firm was eager to represent me. They took me on as a client and told me everything I needed to do from there. My attorney had me go to a doctor that they had a relationship with and would not require anyone to pay upfront for the medical costs. I went to the doctor and it was determined that I had a sprained upper back and neck. I had to do physical therapy for 6-8 weeks, 3 times a week. It was a huge pain in the butt, but it took care of my back/neck issues and I felt a lot better.

After my therapy was completed I followed up with Carlson Law Firm numerous times to make sure the medical costs were going to be taken care of. I had a really hard time getting them to respond to me. It would take weeks for them to respond and they would basically just tell me that things were in the pipeline. In June of the following year I received a call from Carlson Law Firm saying that the responsible parties’ insurance (Geico) was denying the responsibility for the medical costs. The law firm told me that they were going to hire an investigator. In August I was told by Carlson Law Firm that they could not get the insurance to accept responsibility and that it would be more costly than it is worth for the law firm to take it to trial. My medical costs ended up being approximately $6,000, and it would cost them $5,000 to go to court... so they wouldn't make any money off of me. They told me that they were dropping me as a client of theirs and to have my personal insurance cover the medical costs.

I sent a complaint to the Texas Department of Insurance regarding Geico's refusal to pay my medical costs. I received a response letter from Geico saying that Geico tried to reach out to the law firm numerous times and that they would never get back with them. All Geico received was the request for payment letter. Because the law firm would never reach out to Geico to discuss the claim, Geico sent a denial letter. The law firm sent a second request, and Geico denied it again but invited Carlson Law Firm to call them to discuss the issue. They never heard from Carlson. The letter also mentioned that I was contacted to discuss the injuries (which I was... but I was told by the law firm to direct everything to them).

Kathryn Knotts and Carlson Law Firm did the opposite of represent me. I would have been much better off had I handled the situation on my own. Unless they can make a large profit off of your case, do not expect Kathryn Knotts to do anything to represent you in any way.
Posted by a Consumer on 06/26/13
5.0 out of 5.0
They were there when I needed help, and so they did. I' m very thankful.
Posted by a Consumer on 11/08/12
1.0 out of 5.0
Would not return calls, had to call back numerous times and charged $30 per phone call when left a message, paperwork filed in wrong country, sent a replacement counsel to court - chatted with opposing counsel for 1/2 hour while joking & laughing, it took the legal assistant 10 days to fix a typo, did not follow through on things said, had no idea what was going on in my case - emails were sent and produced documents, legal assistant never sent an invoice but demanded payment immediately
Posted by a Consumer on 06/14/11
1.5 out of 5.0
Would not return calls,did not investigate,canceled appointments,mixed up my name with other clients, was not familiar or current with my case,did not follow through on things said
Posted by a Consumer on 06/05/11
1.0 out of 5.0
I was lied to by the firm throughout my entire case. I ended up with permanent injury that still causes me pain and came out with $6,000 while the firm pocketed more than $15,000. Not happy and would never recommend firm for anyone to use..
Posted by a Consumer on 03/18/11
5.0 out of 5.0
Did excellent job with bankruptcy, saved us from losing our home and car and we are now paying back.
Posted by a Consumer on 09/16/10
4.8 out of 5.0
They were very professional and patient allowing me time to pay needed fees as I could.
Posted by a Consumer on 04/01/10
4.8 out of 5.0
Excellent feedback from staff during their services to clients. Always received call back within a few hours of leaving a message; never had to wait a entire day.

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