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    • Last reviewed on 11/17/14
    Posted by a Consumer on 11/17/14
    1.0 out of 5.0
    I hired Mr. Hinchman back in January of 2014 to represent me in my divorce. I have seen him a total of 2 times. The first time was for my consultation, at which point I decided to hire Mr. Hinchman to represent me so I gave him half of the money he required. The second time was about a week later when I met with him outside his office building to pay the remaining balance. After this meeting I did not hear from him and I was not able to reach him for months. Finally around June I was able to reach his assistant, that I never knew he had, or maybe he didn't when I retained his services. Thankfully she would at least answer the phone and communicate with me via text and email. However, anytime I wanted to speak to or see Mr. Hinchman it was a problem and she made excuses saying he was super busy. I asked for her to schedule a meeting numerous times at his office, only for her to make more excuses. I finally figured out when she told me numerous times that I could probably catch him at his favorite bar, that he doesn't even have an office anymore. I needed someone who was accessible to me, and someone professional that I didn't have to track down at a bar. Who would want to discuss their divorce case in such a public setting?!
    Mr. Hinchman never checked on my case and had no idea who I was when I finally threatened to his assistant to terminate his services, and she called me from a bar. He asked my name, and then handed the phone back to his assistant, who then asked me to log into the Harris County District Clerk's website from my computer because she could not access it on her phone. This is when I found all of the things I did not know, because Mr. Hinchman had not been looking into my case and keeping me updated. At this point I decided to terminate his services and asked for my money back. After days of pressuring his assistant and her telling me about them arguing on the phone and how he yelled at her so she hung up on him, she finally was able to talk to him herself, and relayed to me that he would give no refund. Although he never did one thing for me, not even answered a phone call.
    Please don't waste your time, like I wasted mine. Or better yet, like Gary Hinchman wasted my time. It's nearly a year later and I've had to hire a new attorney, and forget about the money I've given to Mr. Hinchman. I've been told by my new attorney that the only way I could possibly get my money back would be to sue Mr. Hinchman, but that would end up costing me more than what I paid him, so what's the point? I also found after researching Gary Hinchman on the State Bar of Texas website under the Public Disciplinary History information that as of 10/3/14 he received a Public Reprimand from the State Bar.
    Please beware. Do not give money to Gary Hinchman.
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    Posted by a Consumer on 11/30/13
    1.0 out of 5.0
    Hinchman cashed my check immediately but three months in has not provided any documents and nothing has been filed. He refuses to return phone calls and has been a no show for two meetings. He was sent certified mail requested a refund and return of our file and he still does not respond. He is a shame to the profession and I am embarrassed to have ever been involved with a person of this caliber.
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    Admitted in 1984, Texas

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