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Advocacy Department; Commercial Litigation and Insolvency; Construction; Marine Law; Business Department; Business Transactions; IP/IT/Entertainment; Owner Managed Business; Commercial Real Property & Lending; Labour & Employment; Life & Disability Insurance; Natural Resources & Environmental; Tax, Estates & Trusts.


Robert J. Aske

T. Arthur Barry, Q.C.

Daniela F. Bassan

Marc J. Belliveau

Karen N. Bennett-Clayton

Christa M. Brothers

Lydia S. Bugden

Andrew V. Burke

Mark Bursey

George A. Caines, Q.C.

Level Y.Y. Chan

Maurice P. Chiasson, Q.C.

James L. Chipman, Q.C.

Sheree L. Conlon

James S. Cowan, Q.C.

James K. Cruickshank

James M. Dickson, Q.C., P.Eng.

Richard (Rick) M. Dunlop

Paul W. Festeryga

J. Andrew Fraser

Lisa M. Gallivan

Robert G. Grant, Q.C.

Elizabeth M. Haldane

David G. Henley

Richard A. Hirsch

Brian G. Johnston, Q.C.

Richard K. Jones, Q.C.

D. Fraser MacFadyen

D. Geoffrey Machum, Q.C.

G. Grant Machum

Deanne MacLeod

J. Thomas MacQuarrie, Q.C.

Douglas J. Mathews, Q.C.

Timothy C. Matthews, Q.C.

Carman G. McCormick, Q.C.

John S. McFarlane, Q.C.

Peter McLellan, Q.C.

David Miller, Q.C.

C. Patricia Mitchell

John D. Moore, Q.C.

A. William Moreira, Q.C.

Nancy I. Murray, Q.C.

Richard Niedermayer

Scott C. Norton, Q.C.

Colin D. Piercey

John D. Plowman, Q.C.

Christine C. Pound

Charles S. Reagh

John MacL. Rogers, Q.C.

Roderick H. Rogers, Q.C.

Nancy G. Rubin

William L. Ryan, Q.C.

Rebecca Saturley

John T. Shanks

Richard F. Southcott

David A. Stewart, Q.C.

Lawrence J. Stordy, Q.C.

Gavin Stuttard

Ian A. Sutherland

Brian A. Tabor, Q.C.

Mark D. Tector

Candace L. Thomas

Shelley A. Wood


Nathan Saruk

Scott Pickup

A. Ryan Baker

Andrea F. Baldwin

Ian J. Breneman

Tanya L. Butler

Scott Raymond Campbell

Tyana R. Caplan

Benjamin J. Fairbanks

Burtley G. Francis

Leah N. Grimmer

Chad Garnet Horton

Sadira E. Jan

Sean P. Kelly

Trevor J. MacDonald

Christopher W. Madill

Kate A. Marshall

Michelle McCann

Tipper McEwan

Matthew G. Newell

Marc Reardon

Paul V. Saunders

Todd W. Schindeler

Sara L. Scott

Andrea L. Shakespeare

Maggie A. Stewart

Keith G. Sutherland

Nathan Sutherland

Jessica L. White


Graham Day, Q.C.

Robert P. Dexter, Q.C.

Meinhard Doelle

Robert G. MacKeigan, Q.C.

Donald H. McDougall, Q.C.

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5.0 out of 5

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4.2 out of 5

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