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Areas of Law
  • Social Security
  • Social Security Disability

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in Social Security and Bankruptcy
2.3 out of 5.0
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  • Last reviewed on 10/24/15
Posted by a Consumer on 10/24/15
1.0 out of 5.0
After consulting with hoglund I was told they would not be able to save all the assets we needed I.e. IRA, home equity, car. After getting a second opinion I was told they could save everything and did! Bankruptcy went smoothly! Thank god I went through LAMEY LAW OFFICE in OAKDALE Mn!! They take monthly payments as well. Call them they are truly amazing! If I called I got to TALK to my ATTORNEY!! Go with them instead of hoglund! You will be glad you did!
Posted by a Consumer on 09/23/15
1.0 out of 5.0
I agree with all the bad reviews. I've worked here for nearly 2 years. They advertise like crap and then give crap service. Your "free consultation" is with a law clerk with no law experience, who reads off a form to be filled out. You don't or nearly ever get to talk to the lawyer. They also discriminate against their employees and clients. Very high maintenance, arrogant and often forget others are human and oh, one last thing, they will try to get you to sign papers right away - don't do it.
Posted by a Consumer on 06/29/15
1.0 out of 5.0
I was extremely dissatisfied with their services. The TV commercial says "we will meet with you in person" that is a complete lie. For almost a year, when I called, all I ever got to speak to was a legal aid. I never once saw or spoke to the attorney. On the day, when my hearing was finally scheduled, I got a call from the attorney telling me not to bother showing up for court because my case was not winnable. I could tell that was the first he had ever laid eyes on my case.
Posted by a Consumer on 06/24/15
1.3 out of 5.0
I can count on one hand the times they've called me to ask about my health, get updates on treatment or medication. I always found myself calling them. The attorney they sent me to court with seemed very inexperienced and didn't interject or object to anything the judge said, he was completely silent through the entire hearing. Although both doctors & the vocational specialist ruled in my favor, the judge didn't. As a result, Hogland used 55/60 days I needed to appeal deciding not to rep me.
Posted by a Consumer on 05/02/14
1.3 out of 5.0
I am waiting for my disability hearing to be scheduled, which is "on hold", because (after finally calling social security myself to find out what was taking so long) social security informed me that the attorney never filed the necessary document. Also, evidently you cannot talk with you attorney at all. The paralegal is supposed to be calling me to find out what my updates are, but after 3 calls to them, no return call from her yet. Not feeling like they are very competent at this point.
Posted by a Consumer on 03/27/14
2.0 out of 5.0
I have found that people who answer the phones are not friendly at all and I felt like an inconvenience when I called. The response time after leaving a message was either never, they ignored the message, or it was a week later. They didn't explain the legalities of bankruptcy in normal language for the average person to understand. When I had a question, I was treated as though I was stupid for asking it. The guy who does the phone bankruptcy class is very rude.
Posted by a Consumer on 08/25/13
1.0 out of 5.0
They are not prompt at calling back, sometimes it would take up to a week and then it would be some paralegals assistant. The "lawyer" (a person working under one of the actual lawyers) was 45 minutes late for my hearing, didn't know anything about my case, and didn't say anything to defend me in the hearing. They didn't have 3/4 of my medical information and with being late didn't have ample time to discuss anything before being rushed into the hearing.
Posted by a Consumer on 02/17/13
3.3 out of 5.0
Too many attorneys. working one case
Posted by a Consumer on 09/24/12
4.0 out of 5.0
We found the process easy, but we felt it was pretty expensive.
Posted by a Consumer on 07/05/12
5.0 out of 5.0
After going through a divorce after a 23 year marriage, I sought assistance from the Hoglund Law office for my bankruptcy. Robert and his team were professional, prompt and assisted me with everything needed to regain hope.

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