Landlord and Tenant

Evicting a Problem Tenant

Your ability to evict a tenant who's causing you a problem depends on the nature of the problem and whether you have a lease.If you have a lease and your tena.... Read more

Tax Benefits of Residential Rental ...

The federal government and some states offer tax breaks to both landlords and tenants of residential property. Some of these breaks take the form of tax deduc.... Read more

Your Rights and Responsibilities As...

Residential landlords are individual property owners or businesses that rent out apartments or houses for money. The renters who pay landlords to live in thes.... Read more

Landlord and Tenant

Must I Rent to a Sex Offender?

Our society is terrified of sex offenders, and has enacted many laws including requiring registration and restricting where they can be and live. In fact, there are many more laws restricting sex offe... Read more

Can I Smoke in My Own Apartment?

It is getting harder and harder to find a place to smoke cigarettes. Smoking is not allowed in many workplaces; in many retail establishments like stores, restaurants and bars; and in many public plac... Read more

Can My Landlord Shut Off My Utilities

In most situations, your landlord is not allowed to cut off your utilities. A landlord who wants you to leave can evict you under the terms of the lease or rental agreement, but cannot cut off your ut... Read more

Can My Landlord Raise My Rent

Whether or not your landlord can raise your rent depends on a number of variables, including the terms of your agreement and where you live. But here are some general guidelines. A Long-Term Le... Read more

Can I Fix Up My Rental?

Tenants often think about making improvements to the property they are renting, especially if they like the location and the landlord, and plan to stay for a long time. This article deals with tenant ... Read more

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